Cri Head

Brendan Toomey


I have worked with Verizon land services for 10 years in and around the Fios build. I have installed, sold and managed Verizon accounts over my time. Before that I was a bit of a jack of all trades… or really just 2-3 trades primarily focused on customer service and care in different industries. My father was a police officer, my cousin a politician and another is a priest, so I am by all accounts a stereotype for the Irish Catholic in Boston. There are rumored tales of my great deeds ranging from losing my eye while protecting orphans to finding that same eye while rescuing a beached whale in Marblehead. Most of it is less than true, but not all especially if you change the meaning of “true”. All in all, I am a good person who loves creativity and seeing the way we evolve as a society through the years.