Hacking Adam

Adam Hacking


I am a poised, proven and influential C-Suite executive. I am also a strategic business thinker with a talent for identifying, developing and delivering value. I am an award-winning translational scientist (Harvard Medical School/Massachusetts General Hospital), founder of 2 companies, past CEO, CTO, and CSO. I am equally comfortable in the laboratory, at the lectern or in the boardroom.  I have eighteen years of commercialization experience bridging basic science, clinical medicine, and medical device/technology. I am an insightful, energizing and innovative leader. I  deliver impactful results by inspiring teams to be collaborative, creative and resourceful.  I am never satisfied with the status-quo and am well equipped to lead change and drive success. I have a resourceful personality that thrives on solving complex problems in healthcare.  Finally, I am personable, practical, analytical and highly capable.