Common Ground & Gratitude Abound

Common Ground & Gratitude Abound

CRI 041317 036Contemplating the nature of sponsorship while preparing to thank our RISE:2017 sponsors uncovered an intriguing find. “Sponsor” comes from the Latin word sponsus and the related spondere, meaning, “a surety, guarantee” and “give assurance, promise solemnly,” respectively. In the 1930’s, the term began to take on the flavor of commercial advertising, yet “sponsor” still retains hints of its historical meaning.

Companies, generally speaking, sponsor events aligning with their values. In essence, sponsorship signals agreement, commonality, shared commitment. Sponsorship is also reflexive because both the sponsor and the sponsored declare, “they are like us.” Both entities lend credence and assurance to one another based on similar values.

The Center for Research Innovation expresses sincere gratitude to those who illustrated visible support for the values of Research, Scholarship, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at RISE:2017.

To our generous Participating Sponsors Posternak Blankstein & Lund and Rogers Corporation, thank you.

To our esteemed Innovation Community Sponsors, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds and Kacvinsky Daisak Bluni, thank you.

To our respected Friends of Innovation Sponsor, FM Global, thank you.

Let us lift a glass to the fecund future of our shared values!





FM Global



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Written by Brice Tennant.
Cover photo byrawpixel. Some rights reserved.

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