Understanding Rod Rotation in Fiber Reinforced Hydrogels: A Potential Toughening Mechanism
Presenter(s): Morgan Pfaff, COS’21, Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: Randall Erb, COE, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

It Takes a Village: Building a Cherokee Language Learning Tool
Presenter(s): Naomi Trevino, COS’22, Linguistics
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Cushman, CSSH, English

Bacterial Nano-Biofactories: Harnessing the Power of Nature to Arm Nanometric Trojan Horses
Presenter(s): Linh Truong, BS/MS’21, Chemical Engineering; Ada Vernet-Crua, PhD’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Webster, COE, Chemical Engineering

Low-Cost ECG Electrodes for Local Manufacture in Ethiopia
Presenter(s): Andrew Lopreiato, COE’23, Mechanical Engineering; Caitlynn Tov, COE’22, Bioengineering
Faculty Mentor: Joshua Hertz, COE, Bioengineering


Computer and Information Science, Undergraduate
Inclusion in Beauty: A Data-Driven Approach to Measuring Diversity in Foundation Shades
Presenter(s): Christina Pathrose, Khoury’22, Computer Science; Gaea Leemon, CSSH’22, Economics
Faculty Mentor: Independently-Produced Project

Engineering and Technology, Undergraduate
The Solvent-Free Solution to Redox Flow Batteries
Presenter(s): Christopher Owen, COE’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Joshua Gallaway, COE, Chemical Engineering

Health Sciences, Undergraduate
Retrospective Analysis of Children With ATRT Cancer Treated According to ACNS0333
Presenter(s): Clara Wu, COS’23, Behavioral Neuroscience
Faculty Mentor: Alyssa Reddy, UCSF, Pediatric Neurologist and Director, Program on Neurofibromatosis

Humanities and Arts, Undergraduate
Chaos Creators: Designing Clothing About the Environmental Crisis
Presenter(s): Meryl Prendergast, CAMD’22, Theatre
Faculty Mentor: Frances McSherry, CAMD, Theatre

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers, and Institutes; Undergraduate
The Debt Calculator: A Gratitude-Based Approach to Environmental Justice
Presenter(s): Kira Mok, CSSH’23, Sociology/Environmental Studies; Sophie Kelly, COS’21, Environmental Studies/International Affairs
Faculty Mentor: Sara Wylie, CSSH, Sociology and Anthropology

Physical and Life Sciences, Undergraduate (TIE)
Aromatase Inhibitor Sensitizes Prostatic Cells for 5- Alpha Reductase Inhibitor Treatment
Presenter(s): Andrew Chang, COS’23, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Aria F. Olumi, Janet & William DeWolf Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School; Chief, Urologic Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Monte Carlo Simulation of Phase Equilibria in Pentadecanoic Acid Monolayers
Presenter(s): Jake Duffy, Khoury’23, Computer Science/Physics
Faculty Mentor: Mona Minkara, COE, Bioengineering

Social Sciences, Business, and Law; Undergraduate
Understanding the Prison Pipeline: Evaluating Data in the Child Welfare System
Presenter(s): Matthew Canary, CSSH’23, Sociology
Faculty Mentor: Gordana Rabrenovic, CSSH, Sociology and Anthropology

Computer and Information Science, Graduate
Husky Sort
Presenter(s): Sai Vineeth Kandappa Reddi Gari, MS’21, Information Systems
Faculty Mentor: Robin Hillyard, COE, Computer Science; Alumni Co-Presenter, Yunlu Liaozheng, MS’20, Computer System Engineering

Engineering and Technology, Graduate
Antibacterial and Cytotoxicity Analysis of Tellurium-Based Nanocomposites
Presenter(s): Ada Vernet-Crua, PhD’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Willits, COE, Chemical Engineering

Humanities and Arts, Graduate
Presenter(s): Ghalia Ammar, MArch’21, Architecture; Sophia Sabaten, MArch’21, Architecture; Allan Cohen, MArch’21, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Munn, CAMD, Architecture

Health Sciences, Graduate
WEDJ Lab Lead Study
Presenter(s): Kaleem Ahmid, BS in Health Science and Philosophy/MPH’21, Health Science/Public Health; Larissa Morikawa, BS/MS’21, Health Science/Security and Resilience Studies, Bouve & CSSH
Faculty Mentor: Sara Wylie, CSSH, Sociology and Anthropology

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers, and Institutes; Graduate
Chrysalis: Adaptive Physical Rehabilitation in Extended Reality (XR)
Presenter(s): Haleigh Whitlock, MS’21, Bioengineering; Nathan Miner, MS’21, Game Design; Jason Miller, MS’21, Computer Science; Semaa Amin, MS’21, Computer Science; Ningyu Ding, MS’21, Data Analytics Engineering; Tanmay Alsi, MS’21, Data Analytics Engineering; Rachelle Angeli Marañon, MS’21, Computer Science; Wen Gu, MS’21, Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Casper Harteveld, CAMD, Art and Design

Physical and Life Sciences, Graduate
GIRK Channels and PKCε in Atrial Fibrillation
Presenter(s): Kirin Gada, PhD’21, Pharmacology
Faculty Mentor: Diomedes Logothetis, Bouvé, Pharmaceutical Science; Takeharu Kawano, Bouvé, Senior Research Scientist

Social Sciences, Business, and Law; Graduate
Reforming the Referral Process: Increasing Diversity for Tech Startups
Presenter(s): Kelsey Kaul, EdD’22, Education
Faculty Mentor: Shannon Alpert, CPS, Education


COE Solutions, Undergraduate
The Effect of Input Device on a Novel Digital Version of the Trail Making Test
Presenter(s): Garrit Strenge, COE’24, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Ethan Wong, COS’24, Biology; Tyler Greffrath, DPT’22, Physical Therapy; Nathaniel Pinkes Bouvé’21/MPH’21, Health Science/Public Health; Caitlyn Celestino, DPT’22, Physical Therapy
Faculty Mentor: Eugene Tunik, Bouvé, Physical Therapy/Movement/Rehabilitation Sciences; Misha Pavel, Khoury/Bouvé, Computer Science/Health Sciences; Holly Jimison, Khoury/Bouvé, Computer Science/Health Sciences; Mathew Yarossi, Bouvé, Physical Therapy/Movement/Rehabilitation Sciences

COE Solutions, Undergraduate
Alleviating Nighttime Symptoms Associated with Nasal Cannula Use
Presenter(s): Antony Fuleihan, COE’21, Mechanical Engineering; Geoffrey Lin, COE’21, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Carol Livermore, COE, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

COE Solutions, Undergraduate
Modelling Particle Accumulation in the Endothelial Glycocalyx of the Blood-Brain Barrier
Presenter(s): Daniel Tento, COE’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Jones, COE, Chemical Engineering

COE Solutions, Graduate
Reinventing the Total Hip Implant for an Aging Population
Presenter(s): Aditya Morey, MS’21, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Sumner Barenberg, COE, Bioengineering

COE Solutions, Graduate
Detecting Labor Violation Among Employers of Migrant Workers: Analyses of H2A Applications
Presenter(s): Arezoo Jafari, PhD’23, Industrial Engineering; Maggie Clark, COE’24, Industrial Engineering; Elaine Klatt, COE’22, Industrial Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Kayse Maass, COE, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering; Shawn Bhimani, DMSB, Supply Chain Management; Amy Farrell, CSSH, Criminology & Criminal Justice

CPS Sustainability and Resiliency
Mental Health Literacy in Student Affairs Graduate Preparation Programs
Presenter(s): Emily Bauer, EdD’21, Higher Education Administration
Faculty Mentor: Joan Giblin, CPS, Education

CPS Sustainability and Resiliency
Exploring the Challenges of Employing Women as Porters in Cusco, Peru
Presenter(s): Shreshthi Mehta, MS’21, Leadership
Faculty Mentor: Patty Goodman, CPS, Corporate and Organizational Communication

Creating Value with Data, Undergraduate
Prediction of Antibiotic Producers by CART and RF Modelling
Presenter(s): Jacob Egelberg, COS’24, Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: Kim Lewis, COS, Biology

Creating Value with Data, Graduate
Predicting Memory Utilization on High Performance Computing Cluster
Presenter(s): Rhea Dcosta, MPS’21, Analytics
Faculty Mentor: Manasvita Joshi, CPS, Data Science

Data and Digital Storytelling, Graduate
Mathematical Methods and Dance
Presenter(s): Nicole Zizzi, CAMD MArch ’21
Faculty Mentor: John Straub, Boston University, Professor of Chemistry

Data and Digital Storytelling, Undergraduate
Filmify — a Platform to Promote Diversity in the Film Industry
Presenter(s): Natalie Duerr, CAMD ’21, Art and Design; Celine Yan, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design; Josh Pensky, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design; Karisa Tzeng, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design; Srilekha Nuli, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design;
Faculty Mentor: Mark Sivak, CAMD, Art and Design

Data and Digital Storytelling, Undergraduate
Building a Digital Archive of Historical Cherokee Manuscripts
Presenter(s): Taylor Snead, Khoury ’21, Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Cushman, CSSH, English

Data and Digital Storytelling, Undergraduate
Bridging the Divide: A Toolkit for Urban Development
Presenter(s): Jake Okrent, CAMD’26, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Taskina Tareen, CAMD, Architecture

Design, Graduate
Sustainable Multipurpose Outdoor Gear
Presenter(s): Zoe Judd, MS’21, Experience Design; Charya Peou, MS’21, Experience Design; Jeff Burrell, MS’21, Experience Design
Faculty Mentor: Mark Sivak, CAMD, Art and Design

Design, Undergraduate
First Circle: A Perfectly Harmless Card Game
Presenter(s): Kieran Sheldon, CAMD’21, Game Design; Kathryn Minor, CAMD’22, Design; Beatrice Tolan, CAMD’21, Game Art and Animation
Faculty Mentor: Brandon Sichling, CAMD, Art and Design

Design, Undergraduate
Urban Resilience through Activating Architectural Ecologies
Presenter(s): Anastasia Leopold, CAMD ’21, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: David Fannon, CAMD/COE, Architecture & Civil Engineering

Design, Undergraduate
Biodegradable Architecture
Presenter(s): Isabella Greco, CAMD’23, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Mary Hale, CAMD, Architecture

Ethically Informed Research Focus Award, Undergraduate
Presenter(s): Yasmeen Masri, CAMD’21, Interactive Design; Michelle Pine, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design; Katherine DeAndre, CAMD’22, Design; Wei-Chi Chen CAMD’21, Design; Jianglei Zhu, CAMD’21, Design
Faculty Mentor: Mark Sivak, CAMD, Art and Design

Ethically Informed Research Focus Award, Graduate
The Trust Project
Presenter(s): Kaleem Ahmid, BS in Health Science and Philosophy/MPH’21, Health Science/Public Health; Tyreke Gaston, COS’22, Health Science/Psychology; Samhita Koduri, Bouvé’25, Health Science
Faculty Mentor: Alisa Lincoln, Bouvé/CSSH, Health Sciences/Sociology

Graduate Innovator
Restorative Justice Challenges and Culturally Responsive Classrooms to Improve Engagement
Presenter(s): Joel Livingston, EdD’21, Education
Faculty Mentor: Corliss Thompson-Brown, CPS, Education

Graduate Innovator
What MRI Can Tell You About Your Kidneys: Morphometric Analysis of Novel Vascular Images
Presenter(s): Tianyi Zhou, PhD’23, Physics; Liam Timms PhD’21, Physics; Benjamin Dottinger Bouvé’23, Health Science
Faculty Mentor: Srinivas Sridhar, COS, Physics; Valur Olafsson, Biomedical Imaging Center; Fred Bidmead, Lead MRI Technologist

Health Communication, Graduate
Impact of Communication Breakdowns on Social Participation in Children with Cerebral Palsy
Presenter(s): Kayla Doherty, Bouvé MS’21, Speech-Language Pathology
Faculty Mentor: Kristen Allison, Bouvé, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Health Communication, Undergraduate
Disclose and Discuss: A COVID-19 ‘Quaranteam’ Checklist
Presenter(s): Jaime Si, CAMD’21, Communication Studies; Allegra D’Virgilio, CAMD’22, Communication Studies/Theater; Michaela Mudrick, CAMD’21, Communication Studies
Faculty Mentor: Susan Mello, CAMD, Communication Studies

Health Communication, Undergraduate
Northeastern Greek Life, E-Cigarettes, & COVID-19
Presenter(s): Morgan Miovski, COS’22, Cell and Molecular Biology
Faculty Mentor: Susan Mello, CAMD, Communication Studies

Health Communication, Undergraduate
Pills, Teas, and Songs: Stories of Medicine around the World
Presenter(s): Debby Nguyen, Bouvé ’24, Pharmacy
Faculty Mentor: Alisa Lincoln, Bouvé/CSSH

Illuminating Complex Problems, Graduate
Expanding Pharmacists’ Social and Clinical Expertise to Empower Transgender Patients
Presenter(s): Sarah Samel, PharmD’21, Pharmacy; Amanda Maffa, PharmD’22, Pharmacy; Izzy Schnake, PharmD’22, Pharmacy
Faculty Mentor: Michael Gonyeau, Bouvé, Pharmacy & Health Systems Sciences

Illuminating Complex Problems, Undergraduate
Centering Community Voice in the Massachusetts Green Recovery Conversation
Presenter(s): Ava Gallo, CSSH’21, Environmental Studies/International Affairs
Faculty Mentor: Becca Berkey, CSSH, Human Services

Illuminating Complex Problems, Undergraduate
Think Like a Scientist: An Innovative Approach to Early STEM Education
Presenter(s): Nuria Romero, COS’21, Cell and Molecular Biology; Alexandra Silverman, COE’21, Bioengineering; Hannah Wisner, COS’23, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Lieb, Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

Lux, Veritas, Virtus; Undergraduate
How to Survive a Pandemic: Celebrating Resilience and Community Through Digital Theatre
Presenter(s): Shira Weiss, CAMD’22, Theatre; Kaitlyn Fiery, CAMD’22, Theatre
Faculty Mentor: Melinda Lopez, CAMD, Theatre

Lux, Veritas, Virtus; Undergraduate
Reggaetonero Feminista: A Look at Sexism and Feminism in Popular Spanish-Language Music
Presenter(s): Emily Burke, CAMD’21, Music and Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Kirsten Rodine-Hardy, CSSH, Political Science

Platform Economy, Undergraduate
Abstract: Facilitate the Matching of Faculty and Students for Research Projects
Presenter(s): Daniel Koerner, COS’21, Environmental Studies/Economics; Katharine McGuire, CSSH’23, Economics; Kaitlyn Cavallaro, CSSH’23, International Affairs/Economics; Julia Geller, Khoury’23, Data Science
Faculty Mentor: Yakov Bart, DMSB, Business and Social Sciences

Platform Economy, Graduate
Cultural Challenges of International Websites
Presenter(s): Victor Aimi, MS’21, Corporate & Organizational Communication
Faculty Mentor: Patty Goodman, CPS, Corporate and Organizational Communication


Computer and Information Science
Ok Google, Help People Trust You
Presenter(s): Shrreya Aagarwal, COS’21, Psychology
Faculty Mentor: John Coley, COS, Psychology; Emily Thor, PhD’20, Psychology

Health Sciences
Proton-Pump Inhibitor Deprescribing Eligibility Among Osteoporosis/Osteopenia Patients
Presenter(s): Janki Patel, Bouvé’21, Pharmacy; Lucy Yu, Bouvé’21, Pharmacy; Eric Chang, Bouvé’21, Pharmacy
Faculty Mentor: Macayla Bartucca, Bouvé, Pharmacy & Health Systems Sciences

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers, and Institutes
Ancient Stoic Techniques and Mental Health Today
Presenter(s): Kristie Chan, Office of the Provost’24, Undeclared; Sheridan Lasher, CSSH’22, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Emma Andrews, CSSH’22, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Benjamin Gould CSSH’21/MPP’22, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics/Public Policy; Jack Hoover, COE’23, Bioengineering; Edith Olmsted, CSSH’21, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Alisha Karuvannur-Sandhu, CSSH’23, Philosophy
Faculty Mentor: Jacob Stump, CSSH, Philosophy and Religion

Social Sciences, Business, and Law (TIE)
What Happened to the Perpetrator? The Role of Perpetrator’s Outcome in Victim Blaming
Presenter(s): Rasvitha Nandru, COS’21, Behavioral Neuroscience; Yueting Lu, COS’24, Behavioral Neuroscience; Alessia Iancarelli PhD’24, Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Ajay Satpute, COS, Psychology

Engineering and Technology
Athelas: Autonomous Vital-Measuring Using Biological Sensors and Vision Based Robotics
Presenter(s): Unnas Hussain, COE’21, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; John Allen, COE’21, Electrical Engineering; Akhil Bagul, COE’21, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Kaylin Devchand, COE’21, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Christian Hardy, COE’21, Electrical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Waleed Meleis, COE, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Humanities and Arts
Patterns of Inclusive Design: An Accessible and Multisensory Approach
Presenter(s): Kathryn Platt, March’21, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: David Fannon, CAMD/COE, Architecture & Civil and Environmental Engineering

Physical and Life Sciences
Novel Approach in Modeling Wound Healing and Aging Skin Defects In Vitro
Presenter(s): Hui Zhang, COS’21, Behavioral Neuroscience
Faculty Mentor: Justin Crane, COS, Biology; Elizabeth Crane, COS, Biology; Wesley Wong PhD’20, Biology

Social Sciences, Business, and Law (TIE)
Translations of School Reopening Documents During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Presenter(s): Jonathan Hammons, PhD’23, School Psychology; Isabella Leiwant, PhD’22, School Psychology; Arabiye Artola, PhD’24, School Psychology; Kayla Sippin, MS’22, Applied Educational Psychology; Lauren Hamel, MS’22, Applied Educational Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Amy Briesch, Bouvé, Applied Psychology

RISE Awards Logo

RISE Awards will be presented to those showing excellence in:

  • Research – $2,000 awarded for methodological and procedural excellence in exploration, creation, and study
  • Innovation – $2,000 awarded for the discovery of novel and revolutionary inventions, processes, ways of thinking, ways of seeing
  • Scholarship – $2,000 awarded for an academic breakthrough in a particular field
  • Entrepreneurship – $2,000 awarded to the presentation with the greatest entrepreneurial potential