The Embryonic Development of the Hummingbird Bobtail Squid (Euprymna berryi)    
Presenter(s):​ Kelsey Melcher Burroughs Bouvé’22
Mentor:​ Taylor Sakmar

PARSEC: An In-Situ Ice-Extraction Robot for Mars
Presenter(s):​ Ethan Holand COE’23, Jarrod Homer COE’23, Jack Wilkins Khoury’23, Dina Zemlyanker Khoury’24, Maria Fountas COE’24, Samuel Hibbard COE’24
Mentor:​ Taskin Padir

The Other Infodemic: Media Misinformation about Involuntary Commitment for Substance Use ​
Presenter(s):​ Katie McCreedy Bouvé MPH’22​
Mentor:​ Leo Beletsky

Applied Progressive Meshes for Real-Time Dynamic LODs
Presenter(s):​ Jonathan Merrin Khoury PhD’23
Mentor:​ Michael Shah


ART, MEDIA, AND DESIGN: Undergraduate
Stitching Earthly Scars: Exploring Climate Change Through Fashion
Presenter(s):​ Meryl Prendergast CAMD’22
Mentor:​ Frances McSherry

Embodying Information: Using Participatory Theatrical Tools to Enhance Data Literacy
Presenter(s):​ Amanda Brea CAMD’22
Mentor:​ Rahul Bhargava

Understanding Processes and Impacts of Organizational Re-entry in a Post-COVID World
Presenter(s):​ Aastha Das DMSB’24, Tiffani Elliott CSSH’26, Kristina Wang Bouvé’24, Christina Khalil COS’22, Prakriti Setlur COS’24 ​
Mentor:​ Jamie Ladge

A Robotic System for Playing Checkers Against Human Opponents
Presenter(s):​ Matthew Gries Khoury’22
Mentor:​ David Klee

On Modeling and Evaluating Vaccine Allocation Policies
Presenter(s):​ Shefali Singh Khoury’24, Lisa Yamada, Khoury’23 
Mentor:​ Rajmohan Rajaraman

Designing Next-Generation Secure Microprocessers
Presenter(s):​ Michael Shen COE’23, Derek Rodriguez COE’25
Mentor:​ David Kaeli

HEALTH SCIENCES: Undergraduate
A Toolkit for Rural Health Exposure Programs at Undergraduate Institutions
Presenter(s):​ Theodora Stanley Bouvé’22
Mentor:​ Shan Mohammed

Higher Prevalence of Autism Spectrum Disorder in Children with Perinatal Ischemic Stroke
Presenter(s):​ Clara Wu COS’23
Mentor:​ Laura Lehman, Boston Children’s Hospita

Postural Control in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Presenter(s):​ Sabrina Bond COS’22
Mentor:​ Dagmar Sternad

Engineering Polyester-Coated Microparticles for Extended Oxygen Release
Presenter(s):​ Joyce Shen COS’23
Mentor:​ Sidi Bencherif

Reimagining Education: A Curriculum on Early Black Boston 
Presenter(s):​ Savita Maharaj CSSH’22
Mentor:​ Nicole Aljoe

Global Black Feminism in the Digital Age
Presenter(s):​ Trina Madziwa CSSH’24, Jenny Chen DMSB’23
Mentor:​ Régine Jean-Charles

Resettlement in Place: Equitable Disaster Resilience with Volumetric Modular Densification
Presenter(s):​ Katelyn Keen CAMD, Master’s of Architecture’22
Mentor:​ Ivan Rupnik

Mentoring Others Elevates All: The Benefits of Diverse Mentor-Entrepreneur Dyads
Presenter(s):​ Mary McNamara CPS EdD’22
Mentor:​ Lindsay Portnoy

Feeling the Crunch: Expectations of Crunch Time in the Video Game Industry
Presenter(s):​ Corey Ortiz CPS’23
Mentor:​ Gladys McKie

Angry Cats: Best Practices for Stable Procedural Content Generation with DC-Gan
Presenter(s):​ Rohit Gandikota Khoury’24
Mentor:​ Nik Bear Brown

Interfacing Neuronal Cultures with a Microelectrode Array Using Conductive Hydrogels
Presenter(s):​ Kyla Nichols COE PhD’24
Mentor:​ Abigail Koppes

Examining the Relationship Between Loneliness and Grief-Related Avoidance in Bereaved Adults
Presenter(s):​ Alicia Pan Bouvé’22
Mentor:​ Donald Robinaugh

KAPI (Keyboardless ASL-inspired Programming Interface)
Presenter(s):​ Asha Kiran Makwana CPS’22

Evaluating Renal Mass with Novel MRI Technique
Presenter(s):​ Tianyi Zhou COS’23, Zachary Chau COE’24
Mentor:​ Srinivas Sridhar

Harnessing Potassium Power in Human Pathophysiologies: Development of Novel Ion Channel Modulators
Presenter(s):​ Lucas Cantwell Bouvé PhD’22
Mentor:​ Ganesh Thakur

Let Me Live: Corporate Environmental Exceptions, Failed Environmental Protections in Louisiana 
Presenter(s):​ L’Bertrice Solomon CPS PhD’22
Mentor:​ J.D. LaRock


Understanding Rod Rotation in Fiber Reinforced Hydrogels: A Potential Toughening Mechanism
Presenter(s): Morgan Pfaff, COS’21, Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: Randall Erb, COE, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

It Takes a Village: Building a Cherokee Language Learning Tool
Presenter(s): Naomi Trevino, COS’22, Linguistics
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Cushman, CSSH, English

Bacterial Nano-Biofactories: Harnessing the Power of Nature to Arm Nanometric Trojan Horses
Presenter(s): Linh Truong, BS/MS’21, Chemical Engineering; Ada Vernet-Crua, PhD’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Thomas Webster, COE, Chemical Engineering

Low-Cost ECG Electrodes for Local Manufacture in Ethiopia
Presenter(s): Andrew Lopreiato, COE’23, Mechanical Engineering; Caitlynn Tov, COE’22, Bioengineering
Faculty Mentor: Joshua Hertz, COE, Bioengineering


Computer and Information Science, Undergraduate
Inclusion in Beauty: A Data-Driven Approach to Measuring Diversity in Foundation Shades
Presenter(s): Christina Pathrose, Khoury’22, Computer Science; Gaea Leemon, CSSH’22, Economics
Faculty Mentor: Independently-Produced Project

Engineering and Technology, Undergraduate
The Solvent-Free Solution to Redox Flow Batteries
Presenter(s): Christopher Owen, COE’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Joshua Gallaway, COE, Chemical Engineering

Health Sciences, Undergraduate
Retrospective Analysis of Children With ATRT Cancer Treated According to ACNS0333
Presenter(s): Clara Wu, COS’23, Behavioral Neuroscience
Faculty Mentor: Alyssa Reddy, UCSF, Pediatric Neurologist and Director, Program on Neurofibromatosis

Humanities and Arts, Undergraduate
Chaos Creators: Designing Clothing About the Environmental Crisis
Presenter(s): Meryl Prendergast, CAMD’22, Theatre
Faculty Mentor: Frances McSherry, CAMD, Theatre

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers, and Institutes; Undergraduate
The Debt Calculator: A Gratitude-Based Approach to Environmental Justice
Presenter(s): Kira Mok, CSSH’23, Sociology/Environmental Studies; Sophie Kelly, COS’21, Environmental Studies/International Affairs
Faculty Mentor: Sara Wylie, CSSH, Sociology and Anthropology

Physical and Life Sciences, Undergraduate (TIE)
Aromatase Inhibitor Sensitizes Prostatic Cells for 5- Alpha Reductase Inhibitor Treatment
Presenter(s): Andrew Chang, COS’23, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Aria F. Olumi, Janet & William DeWolf Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School; Chief, Urologic Surgery, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Monte Carlo Simulation of Phase Equilibria in Pentadecanoic Acid Monolayers
Presenter(s): Jake Duffy, Khoury’23, Computer Science/Physics
Faculty Mentor: Mona Minkara, COE, Bioengineering

Social Sciences, Business, and Law; Undergraduate
Understanding the Prison Pipeline: Evaluating Data in the Child Welfare System
Presenter(s): Matthew Canary, CSSH’23, Sociology
Faculty Mentor: Gordana Rabrenovic, CSSH, Sociology and Anthropology

Computer and Information Science, Graduate
Husky Sort
Presenter(s): Sai Vineeth Kandappa Reddi Gari, MS’21, Information Systems
Faculty Mentor: Robin Hillyard, COE, Computer Science; Alumni Co-Presenter, Yunlu Liaozheng, MS’20, Computer System Engineering

Engineering and Technology, Graduate
Antibacterial and Cytotoxicity Analysis of Tellurium-Based Nanocomposites
Presenter(s): Ada Vernet-Crua, PhD’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Willits, COE, Chemical Engineering

Humanities and Arts, Graduate
Presenter(s): Ghalia Ammar, MArch’21, Architecture; Sophia Sabaten, MArch’21, Architecture; Allan Cohen, MArch’21, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Jeremy Munn, CAMD, Architecture

Health Sciences, Graduate
WEDJ Lab Lead Study
Presenter(s): Kaleem Ahmid, BS in Health Science and Philosophy/MPH’21, Health Science/Public Health; Larissa Morikawa, BS/MS’21, Health Science/Security and Resilience Studies, Bouve & CSSH
Faculty Mentor: Sara Wylie, CSSH, Sociology and Anthropology

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers, and Institutes; Graduate
Chrysalis: Adaptive Physical Rehabilitation in Extended Reality (XR)
Presenter(s): Haleigh Whitlock, MS’21, Bioengineering; Nathan Miner, MS’21, Game Design; Jason Miller, MS’21, Computer Science; Semaa Amin, MS’21, Computer Science; Ningyu Ding, MS’21, Data Analytics Engineering; Tanmay Alsi, MS’21, Data Analytics Engineering; Rachelle Angeli Marañon, MS’21, Computer Science; Wen Gu, MS’21, Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Casper Harteveld, CAMD, Art and Design

Physical and Life Sciences, Graduate
GIRK Channels and PKCε in Atrial Fibrillation
Presenter(s): Kirin Gada, PhD’21, Pharmacology
Faculty Mentor: Diomedes Logothetis, Bouvé, Pharmaceutical Science; Takeharu Kawano, Bouvé, Senior Research Scientist

Social Sciences, Business, and Law; Graduate
Reforming the Referral Process: Increasing Diversity for Tech Startups
Presenter(s): Kelsey Kaul, EdD’22, Education
Faculty Mentor: Shannon Alpert, CPS, Education


COE Solutions, Undergraduate
The Effect of Input Device on a Novel Digital Version of the Trail Making Test
Presenter(s): Garrit Strenge, COE’24, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Ethan Wong, COS’24, Biology; Tyler Greffrath, DPT’22, Physical Therapy; Nathaniel Pinkes Bouvé’21/MPH’21, Health Science/Public Health; Caitlyn Celestino, DPT’22, Physical Therapy
Faculty Mentor: Eugene Tunik, Bouvé, Physical Therapy/Movement/Rehabilitation Sciences; Misha Pavel, Khoury/Bouvé, Computer Science/Health Sciences; Holly Jimison, Khoury/Bouvé, Computer Science/Health Sciences; Mathew Yarossi, Bouvé, Physical Therapy/Movement/Rehabilitation Sciences

COE Solutions, Undergraduate
Alleviating Nighttime Symptoms Associated with Nasal Cannula Use
Presenter(s): Antony Fuleihan, COE’21, Mechanical Engineering; Geoffrey Lin, COE’21, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Carol Livermore, COE, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

COE Solutions, Undergraduate
Modelling Particle Accumulation in the Endothelial Glycocalyx of the Blood-Brain Barrier
Presenter(s): Daniel Tento, COE’22, Chemical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Jones, COE, Chemical Engineering

COE Solutions, Graduate
Reinventing the Total Hip Implant for an Aging Population
Presenter(s): Aditya Morey, MS’21, Mechanical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Sumner Barenberg, COE, Bioengineering

COE Solutions, Graduate
Detecting Labor Violation Among Employers of Migrant Workers: Analyses of H2A Applications
Presenter(s): Arezoo Jafari, PhD’23, Industrial Engineering; Maggie Clark, COE’24, Industrial Engineering; Elaine Klatt, COE’22, Industrial Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Kayse Maass, COE, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering; Shawn Bhimani, DMSB, Supply Chain Management; Amy Farrell, CSSH, Criminology & Criminal Justice

CPS Sustainability and Resiliency
Mental Health Literacy in Student Affairs Graduate Preparation Programs
Presenter(s): Emily Bauer, EdD’21, Higher Education Administration
Faculty Mentor: Joan Giblin, CPS, Education

CPS Sustainability and Resiliency
Exploring the Challenges of Employing Women as Porters in Cusco, Peru
Presenter(s): Shreshthi Mehta, MS’21, Leadership
Faculty Mentor: Patty Goodman, CPS, Corporate and Organizational Communication

Creating Value with Data, Undergraduate
Prediction of Antibiotic Producers by CART and RF Modelling
Presenter(s): Jacob Egelberg, COS’24, Biochemistry
Faculty Mentor: Kim Lewis, COS, Biology

Creating Value with Data, Graduate
Predicting Memory Utilization on High Performance Computing Cluster
Presenter(s): Rhea Dcosta, MPS’21, Analytics
Faculty Mentor: Manasvita Joshi, CPS, Data Science

Data and Digital Storytelling, Graduate
Mathematical Methods and Dance
Presenter(s): Nicole Zizzi, CAMD MArch ’21
Faculty Mentor: John Straub, Boston University, Professor of Chemistry

Data and Digital Storytelling, Undergraduate
Filmify — a Platform to Promote Diversity in the Film Industry
Presenter(s): Natalie Duerr, CAMD ’21, Art and Design; Celine Yan, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design; Josh Pensky, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design; Karisa Tzeng, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design; Srilekha Nuli, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design;
Faculty Mentor: Mark Sivak, CAMD, Art and Design

Data and Digital Storytelling, Undergraduate
Building a Digital Archive of Historical Cherokee Manuscripts
Presenter(s): Taylor Snead, Khoury ’21, Computer Science
Faculty Mentor: Ellen Cushman, CSSH, English

Data and Digital Storytelling, Undergraduate
Bridging the Divide: A Toolkit for Urban Development
Presenter(s): Jake Okrent, CAMD’26, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Taskina Tareen, CAMD, Architecture

Design, Graduate
Sustainable Multipurpose Outdoor Gear
Presenter(s): Zoe Judd, MS’21, Experience Design; Charya Peou, MS’21, Experience Design; Jeff Burrell, MS’21, Experience Design
Faculty Mentor: Mark Sivak, CAMD, Art and Design

Design, Undergraduate
First Circle: A Perfectly Harmless Card Game
Presenter(s): Kieran Sheldon, CAMD’21, Game Design; Kathryn Minor, CAMD’22, Design; Beatrice Tolan, CAMD’21, Game Art and Animation
Faculty Mentor: Brandon Sichling, CAMD, Art and Design

Design, Undergraduate
Urban Resilience through Activating Architectural Ecologies
Presenter(s): Anastasia Leopold, CAMD ’21, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: David Fannon, CAMD/COE, Architecture & Civil Engineering

Design, Undergraduate
Biodegradable Architecture
Presenter(s): Isabella Greco, CAMD’23, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: Mary Hale, CAMD, Architecture

Ethically Informed Research Focus Award, Undergraduate
Presenter(s): Yasmeen Masri, CAMD’21, Interactive Design; Michelle Pine, Khoury’21, Computer Science/Design; Katherine DeAndre, CAMD’22, Design; Wei-Chi Chen CAMD’21, Design; Jianglei Zhu, CAMD’21, Design
Faculty Mentor: Mark Sivak, CAMD, Art and Design

Ethically Informed Research Focus Award, Graduate
The Trust Project
Presenter(s): Kaleem Ahmid, BS in Health Science and Philosophy/MPH’21, Health Science/Public Health; Tyreke Gaston, COS’22, Health Science/Psychology; Samhita Koduri, Bouvé’25, Health Science
Faculty Mentor: Alisa Lincoln, Bouvé/CSSH, Health Sciences/Sociology

Graduate Innovator
Restorative Justice Challenges and Culturally Responsive Classrooms to Improve Engagement
Presenter(s): Joel Livingston, EdD’21, Education
Faculty Mentor: Corliss Thompson-Brown, CPS, Education

Graduate Innovator
What MRI Can Tell You About Your Kidneys: Morphometric Analysis of Novel Vascular Images
Presenter(s): Tianyi Zhou, PhD’23, Physics; Liam Timms PhD’21, Physics; Benjamin Dottinger Bouvé’23, Health Science
Faculty Mentor: Srinivas Sridhar, COS, Physics; Valur Olafsson, Biomedical Imaging Center; Fred Bidmead, Lead MRI Technologist

Health Communication, Graduate
Impact of Communication Breakdowns on Social Participation in Children with Cerebral Palsy
Presenter(s): Kayla Doherty, Bouvé MS’21, Speech-Language Pathology
Faculty Mentor: Kristen Allison, Bouvé, Communication Sciences & Disorders

Health Communication, Undergraduate
Disclose and Discuss: A COVID-19 ‘Quaranteam’ Checklist
Presenter(s): Jaime Si, CAMD’21, Communication Studies; Allegra D’Virgilio, CAMD’22, Communication Studies/Theater; Michaela Mudrick, CAMD’21, Communication Studies
Faculty Mentor: Susan Mello, CAMD, Communication Studies

Health Communication, Undergraduate
Northeastern Greek Life, E-Cigarettes, & COVID-19
Presenter(s): Morgan Miovski, COS’22, Cell and Molecular Biology
Faculty Mentor: Susan Mello, CAMD, Communication Studies

Health Communication, Undergraduate
Pills, Teas, and Songs: Stories of Medicine around the World
Presenter(s): Debby Nguyen, Bouvé ’24, Pharmacy
Faculty Mentor: Alisa Lincoln, Bouvé/CSSH

Illuminating Complex Problems, Graduate
Expanding Pharmacists’ Social and Clinical Expertise to Empower Transgender Patients
Presenter(s): Sarah Samel, PharmD’21, Pharmacy; Amanda Maffa, PharmD’22, Pharmacy; Izzy Schnake, PharmD’22, Pharmacy
Faculty Mentor: Michael Gonyeau, Bouvé, Pharmacy & Health Systems Sciences

Illuminating Complex Problems, Undergraduate
Centering Community Voice in the Massachusetts Green Recovery Conversation
Presenter(s): Ava Gallo, CSSH’21, Environmental Studies/International Affairs
Faculty Mentor: Becca Berkey, CSSH, Human Services

Illuminating Complex Problems, Undergraduate
Think Like a Scientist: An Innovative Approach to Early STEM Education
Presenter(s): Nuria Romero, COS’21, Cell and Molecular Biology; Alexandra Silverman, COE’21, Bioengineering; Hannah Wisner, COS’23, Biology
Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Lieb, Undergraduate Research and Fellowships

Lux, Veritas, Virtus; Undergraduate
How to Survive a Pandemic: Celebrating Resilience and Community Through Digital Theatre
Presenter(s): Shira Weiss, CAMD’22, Theatre; Kaitlyn Fiery, CAMD’22, Theatre
Faculty Mentor: Melinda Lopez, CAMD, Theatre

Lux, Veritas, Virtus; Undergraduate
Reggaetonero Feminista: A Look at Sexism and Feminism in Popular Spanish-Language Music
Presenter(s): Emily Burke, CAMD’21, Music and Political Science
Faculty Mentor: Kirsten Rodine-Hardy, CSSH, Political Science

Platform Economy, Undergraduate
Abstract: Facilitate the Matching of Faculty and Students for Research Projects
Presenter(s): Daniel Koerner, COS’21, Environmental Studies/Economics; Katharine McGuire, CSSH’23, Economics; Kaitlyn Cavallaro, CSSH’23, International Affairs/Economics; Julia Geller, Khoury’23, Data Science
Faculty Mentor: Yakov Bart, DMSB, Business and Social Sciences

Platform Economy, Graduate
Cultural Challenges of International Websites
Presenter(s): Victor Aimi, MS’21, Corporate & Organizational Communication
Faculty Mentor: Patty Goodman, CPS, Corporate and Organizational Communication


Computer and Information Science
Ok Google, Help People Trust You
Presenter(s): Shrreya Aagarwal, COS’21, Psychology
Faculty Mentor: John Coley, COS, Psychology; Emily Thor, PhD’20, Psychology

Health Sciences
Proton-Pump Inhibitor Deprescribing Eligibility Among Osteoporosis/Osteopenia Patients
Presenter(s): Janki Patel, Bouvé’21, Pharmacy; Lucy Yu, Bouvé’21, Pharmacy; Eric Chang, Bouvé’21, Pharmacy
Faculty Mentor: Macayla Bartucca, Bouvé, Pharmacy & Health Systems Sciences

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers, and Institutes
Ancient Stoic Techniques and Mental Health Today
Presenter(s): Kristie Chan, Office of the Provost’24, Undeclared; Sheridan Lasher, CSSH’22, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Emma Andrews, CSSH’22, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Benjamin Gould CSSH’21/MPP’22, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics/Public Policy; Jack Hoover, COE’23, Bioengineering; Edith Olmsted, CSSH’21, Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; Alisha Karuvannur-Sandhu, CSSH’23, Philosophy
Faculty Mentor: Jacob Stump, CSSH, Philosophy and Religion

Social Sciences, Business, and Law (TIE)
What Happened to the Perpetrator? The Role of Perpetrator’s Outcome in Victim Blaming
Presenter(s): Rasvitha Nandru, COS’21, Behavioral Neuroscience; Yueting Lu, COS’24, Behavioral Neuroscience; Alessia Iancarelli PhD’24, Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Ajay Satpute, COS, Psychology

Engineering and Technology
Athelas: Autonomous Vital-Measuring Using Biological Sensors and Vision Based Robotics
Presenter(s): Unnas Hussain, COE’21, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; John Allen, COE’21, Electrical Engineering; Akhil Bagul, COE’21, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Kaylin Devchand, COE’21, Computer Engineering/Computer Science; Christian Hardy, COE’21, Electrical Engineering
Faculty Mentor: Waleed Meleis, COE, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Humanities and Arts
Patterns of Inclusive Design: An Accessible and Multisensory Approach
Presenter(s): Kathryn Platt, March’21, Architecture
Faculty Mentor: David Fannon, CAMD/COE, Architecture & Civil and Environmental Engineering

Physical and Life Sciences
Novel Approach in Modeling Wound Healing and Aging Skin Defects In Vitro
Presenter(s): Hui Zhang, COS’21, Behavioral Neuroscience
Faculty Mentor: Justin Crane, COS, Biology; Elizabeth Crane, COS, Biology; Wesley Wong PhD’20, Biology

Social Sciences, Business, and Law (TIE)
Translations of School Reopening Documents During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Presenter(s): Jonathan Hammons, PhD’23, School Psychology; Isabella Leiwant, PhD’22, School Psychology; Arabiye Artola, PhD’24, School Psychology; Kayla Sippin, MS’22, Applied Educational Psychology; Lauren Hamel, MS’22, Applied Educational Psychology
Faculty Mentor: Amy Briesch, Bouvé, Applied Psychology

Excellence in Research

Anastasia Leopold: Invasive Infrastructure

Excellence in Innovation

Amanda Collison: Using PSG to Predict Sleep Apnea Response to OAT

Excellence in Scholarship

Ciara Selders: Mitophagy as a Therapeutic for Parkinson’s Disease


Yujia Wang: SMARTHIP™ Biosensor and Drug Releasing Platform

Computer and Information Sciences

Undergraduate – Tejas Sathyamurthi – Predicting Forest Fires Using Machine Learning

Graduate – Jinyuan Chen – Use ML Method to Predict Store Performance

Engineering and Technology

Undergraduate – Adam Alper – Magnetic “Tweezers”: A Micro-magnetism Tool

Graduate – Nicholas Briggs – Structural Resilience by Innovation in Diaphragms

Health Sciences

Undergraduate – Anusha Purakayastha – Reel2Real

Graduate – Tessa Brighton – Checkpoint Inhibitors and Cancer Cell Killing

Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate – John Edwards – Social Choice and Voting Systems

Graduate – Elizabeth Farrell – An Everyday Utopia: Water, Energy, Waste in Haiti

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Undergraduate – Vidhan Bhaiya – Dr. Brinsley: Chic + Functional Diabetic Footwear

Graduate – George Hajjar – Disaster Relief Planning Organization

Physical and Life Sciences

Undergraduate – Joie Sun – Using POOL to Understand the Genomics Behind MAPKs

Graduate – Max Winkelman – Neurovascular Niche-on-a-Chip

Social Sciences, Business and Law

Undergraduate – Alexandra Medina – Boston Underwater

Graduate – Mika Morikawa – Cultural Awareness in the Social Work World

COE Solutions

1st Place (tie) – Undergraduate – Amanda Dee – Non-Invasive, In Situ Monitoring of Root Growth

1st Place (tie) – Undergraduate – Suha Yacoob – Novel Route to Develop Neuropathic Pain Inhibitors

1st Place – Graduate – Nathan Adeyemi – Queue Theory-Based Inpatient Arrival Rate Approximation

CPS Resiliency and Sustainability

Undergraduate – Mark Turner – Fixed-Wing Drone Autonomous Re-Flight Platform

Graduate – Mruga Salunke – Building Cultural Resilience and Agility

Creating Value with DATA

Graduate – Freida Parsons – Multi-Level Sentiment Analysis of Stress

Data and Digital Storytelling

Undergraduate – Zack Bennett-Engler – Curious Boston

Graduate – Jordan Clark – Human Perception AI in the Classroom


Undergraduate – Vidhan Bhaiya – Dr. Brinsley: Chic + Functional Diabetic Footwear

Graduate – Estuardo Villatoro Castaneda – Women: Head and Heart of the Haitian Economy

Ethically Informed Research

1st Place – Matthew Greer-Gentis – Deported Veterans and Criminogenic Risk Factors

2nd Place – Adriell Louis – Stroke Knowledge and Prevention: Tokyo and Bangkok

Grand Impact

Graduate – Mariangela Cardoso Miguel Carmona – Give it Here!

Health Communication

Undergraduate – Maria Paz – LGBTQ+ Healthcare Competency Intervention Study

Undergraduate – Sarah Rathje – Theoretical Analysis of Opioid Campaign

Illuminating Complex Problems

Undergraduate – Debby Nguyen – Immigrant Health and Wellbeing in Sanctuary Spaces

Graduate – Mruga Salunke – Building Cultural Resilience and Agility


Undergraduate – Matthew Greer-Gentis – Deported Veterans and Criminogenic Risk Factors

Platform Economy

Graduate – Jinyuan Chen – Use ML Method to Predict Store Performance

Graduate Innovator

Graduate – Kirin GadaThe Role of GIRK Channels in Atrial Fibrillation


Katlynn Bugda Gwilt: Novel Therapeutic Receptor Target in the Leaky Gut


Aberdeen Dinius: Calculating Chemical Reaction Rates for Biofuels


Alya Abourezk: You Are on Indigenous Land


Sam Carmola: Optimality Conditions for Intraday Equity Trades

Best Video Pitch Award

Emily E. Dahlgaard Thor: Intuitive Language Across Science Communications

COE Solution Award

1st Place – Undergraduate – Kestral Johnston: Tidal Flow Constructed Wetland for Water Reuse
1st Place – Graduate – Kunind Sharma: Modeling Thermal Comfort Behavior
2nd Place – Graduate – Basma Bargal: Modeling Caregiver Burnout

Data Award

Anirudh Kamath: How Much is Your Outfit Worth?

Graduate Innovator Award

Kaustubh Shivdikar: Pi-Tiles

Grand Impact Award

Zahra Amiji: Folic Acid and the Hispanic Population

Sail Award

Alexa Soares: Oxidative Effects of Maternal Separation

Sharing Economy Award

Forrest Perkins: Architects Empowering Community

Computer and Information Sciences

Undergraduate: Sam Carmola: Optimality Conditions for Intraday Equity Trades
Graduate: Richard Huff: A National Job Market Analytics Platform

Engineering and Technology

Undergraduate: Aberdeen Dinius: Calculating Chemical Reaction Rates for Biofuels
Graduate: Kunind Sharma: Modeling Thermal Comfort Behavior

Health Sciences

Undergraduate: Daniel Kent: Reducing Total Anesthetic Load In Vivo
Graduate: Katlynn Bugda Gwilt: Novel Therapeutic Receptor Target in the Leaky Gut

Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate: Alya Abourezk: You Are on Indigenous Land
Graduate: Nina Shabalina: Deconstructing Materiality

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Undergraduate: Christopher Scianna: Healing Soles
Graduate: Qifan Zhai: Characterization of Increases in Infection Rates

Physical and Life Sciences

Undergraduate: Daem Celestin: nPLEX for High Throughput Protein Analysis
Graduate: Maria Paz: Automated Monitoring System for Larva Behavior

Social Sciences, Business and Law

Undergraduate: Caroline Hyun Sue Kim: IPV Screening Efficacy: Realist Review
Graduate: Emily E. Dahlgaard Thor: Intuitive Language Across Science Communications

Best Video Pitch

Samantha Ernst: Electronic Medical Records & Child Abuse

Graduate Innovator Award

Shadi Emam: MIP Gas Sensor

Computer and Information Sciences

Undergraduate: Anush Devadhasan: Elucidating Mechanisms of HIV Control
Graduate: Kaustubh Shivdikar: The Prime Hexagon

Engineering and Technology

Undergraduate: Victoria D’Agostino: Point-of-Care HPV Diagnosis
Graduate: Javier Fonseca: Reticular Chemistry to Predict MOFs

Health Sciences

Undergraduate: Shivahamy Maheswaran: A Pre-Diagnostic for Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer
Graduate: Katlynn Gwilt: Nutrition and Gastrointestinal Inflammation

Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate: Alya Abourezk: Forestation Urbanization
Graduate: Avery Watterworth: Structural Resilience: Building for Stormwater

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Undergraduate: Samantha Ernst: Electronic Medical Records & Child Abuse
Graduate: Sanahan Vijayakuma: Scale-Up Manufacturing of ‘INCeRT’ Implants

Physical and Life Sciences

Undergraduate: Eun Kyung Jeon: Cell Cycle Kinetics in Denervated Regenerate
Graduate: Seamus McKenney: Dissecting Immuno-Heterogeneity with Microfluidics

Social Sciences, Business and Law

Undergraduate: Samantha Goldman: Differences in Dehumanizing Language in the Media
Graduate: Yian Xu: Using Mindfulness to Reduce Cognitive Bias

Computer and Information Sciences

Undergraduate: Mansi Jain: Automated Diagnostic System for Gastric Cancer
Graduate: Keith Harrigan: Anonymity and Gender Inference on Reddit

Engineering and Technology

Undergraduate: Quan Do: A Sensor-Based App for Video Game Play
Joshua Martin: Developing Hierarchically Reinforced Composites Via 3D Printing and Magnetic Assembly

Health Sciences

Undergraduate: Alyssa Long: Pharmacy Student Interactions with Minority Groups
Julie Goff: Gross Motor Group Effects on Children with ASD

Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate: Sarah Solomon: Housing the Boston Homeless
Graduate: Joseph di Bella: Re-thinking Structure

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Undergraduate: Shawn Jones: Triton SCUBA Diving Prosthetic
Graduate: Michael Williams: Human In the Loop Debris Collection

Physical and Life Sciences

Undergraduate: Joseph Chung: Development of a Fluorescent Western Blot of CFTR
John de la Parra: Controlled Biosynthesis and Diversification of Plant-Derived Pharmaceuticals

Social Sciences, Business and Law

Undergraduate: Amelie Desrosiers: Pathways to Progress
Graduate: Matthew Murry: Attachment and Emotion Perception Across Adulthood


Kristofer Patel: NanoCRISPR: An Alternative to Chemotherapy


Salar Shahini Shamsabadi: PAVEMON: A GIS Web-based PAVEment MONitoring System


David Potter: De Novo Urbanism


Codi Gharagouzloo: Diagnosing Neuropathy Early with QUTE-CE MRI

Health Sciences

Undergraduate: Jennifer Schirmer: Standardization of Cardiopulmonary Skills: Measures of Aerobic Capacity
Graduate: Abhijit Kulkarni: Novel Pharmacotherapy for Treating Cognitive Dysfunction and Chronic Pain in Alzheimers Disease

Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate: Mario Accordino: Everett | Intraface
Graduate: David Potter: De Novo Urbanism

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Undergraduate: Kristofer Patel: NanoCRISPR: An Alternative to Chemotherapy
Graduate: Codi Gharagouzloo: Diagnosing Neuropathy Early with QUTE-CE MRI

Physical and Life Sciences

Undergraduate: Ronan Talty: Estrogen-Dopamine Interactions During Extinction Learning in Female Rats
Graduate: Divakaran Murugesapillai: Quantitative DNA Binding, Looping, and Compaction Properties of the HIV-1 Viral Protein R

Social Sciences, Business and Law

Undergraduate: Alison Campbell: The Socioecology of Academic Achievement Across Racial Boundaries: The Role of Context in Understanding Disparate Outcomes
Graduate: Jin Xun Goh: Gender-Stereotyping of Sexual Minorities at the Interpersonal Level

RISE Awards Logo

RISE Awards will be presented to those showing excellence in:

  • Research – $2,000 awarded for methodological and procedural excellence in exploration, creation, and study
  • Innovation – $2,000 awarded for the discovery of novel and revolutionary inventions, processes, ways of thinking, ways of seeing
  • Scholarship – $2,000 awarded for an academic breakthrough in a particular field
  • Entrepreneurship – $2,000 awarded to the presentation with the greatest entrepreneurial potential

Awards of $1,000 are given in the following categories to one undergraduate and one graduate:

  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities and Arts
  • Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes
  • Physical and Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences, Business and Law

Focus Awards. Awards are $500, unless noted otherwise. All students are also eligible for awards unless otherwise noted.

  • COE Solution AwardsEligibility: College of Engineering. Engineering at Northeastern is about creating solutions for a high-velocity world. COE Solution Awards recognize COE students (two undergraduates and two graduate students) who demonstrate the mission of the College of Engineering, which is to create and translate knowledge through transformative research and remarkable innovation. These awards are given to COE students whose RISE submissions keenly reflect solutions that address global needs by identifying/developing novel approaches to problems within scientific, social, and/or entrepreneurial spheres. Sponsored by the College of Engineering
  • CPS Resiliency and Sustainability Awards Eligibility: College of Professional Studies Students. CPS Resiliency and Sustainability Awards recognize one undergraduate and one graduate CPS student (or team) whose RISE presentation best applies  research and communication to spotlight an important idea, problem, or challenge related to any of the wide range of topics within resiliency and sustainability — from leadership to regulatory affairs, from local to global, from environmental to technology – the range of disciplines reflects students’ programs and interests. Sponsored by the College of Professional Studies
  • Creating Value with DATA Award – In an increasingly data-rich world inhabited by humans and machines, seamless data-driven transition between the physical and digital has become ubiquitous. The Digital, Analytics, Technology and Automation (DATA) Initiative is a cross-disciplinary, innovative hub of thought leadership committed to researching, developing and sharing new knowledge and approaches for transforming organizations into digital and data-driven businesses.The Creating Value with DATA Award recognizes one undergraduate and one graduate RISE presentation demonstrating the most creative and promising approach to creating value with data-driven and technology-enabled analytics and automation. Sponsored by DATA Initiative
  • Data and Digital Storytelling Awards – Data and Digital Storytelling Awards recognize up to four RISE presentations that deftly apply tools of design, data visualization, text mining or mapping, journalistic investigation, or creative storytelling to draw attention to an important idea, problem, or challenge. Jointly sponsored by the College of Arts, Media and Design & College of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Design Awards – Design as an interdisciplinary and integrative discipline – with its capacity to map the complex dynamics of an issue, foresee its evolution, and shape tangible and intangible interfaces, experiences, services and systems – can empower the network between and across disciplines. The Design Awards recognize up to four students whose RISE presentation best exemplifies how design principles and the design process conceive of and shape innovative ideas and solutions to challenging, multi-disciplinary problems. Sponsored by the College of Arts, Media and Design
  • Ethically Informed Research Awards – Ethically Informed Research Awards recognize RISE presentations that best incorporate attention to ethical considerations in research design and implementation, for example by addressing a significant ethical challenge, using value-sensitive project design, or demonstrating designing and implementing effective human research protocols. Sponsored by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Graduate Innovator Award Eligibility: Graduate Students. Graduate Student Government (GSG) is the official liaison between graduate students and Northeastern University and is charged with: 1) organizing graduate students on a co-operative basis for advancing academic, professional and holistic interests; 2) facilitating services which supplement the academic experience, and developing a sense of community within the graduate body, the university community and beyond; 3) fostering a diverse and inclusive graduate student community; and, 4) safeguarding the interests of all graduate students including those from marginalized or underrepresented communities, building an environment free of systemic societal oppression. Graduate Innovator Awards of $200 recognize two graduate peers who demonstrate remarkable innovation by identifying new approaches to problem solving for maximal social impact. Sponsored by Graduate Student Government
  • Health Communication Awards – Communication is a critical tool in the health sciences. It includes crafting messages about health, developing strategies for promoting health-care services, and specific applications of health communication (e.g., increasing disease awareness and prevention). Health Communication Awards recognize up to four students whose RISE presentation examines a specific, contemporary health communication challenge and proposes solutions to that challenge. Jointly sponsored by the College of Art, Media and Design & Bouvé College of Health Sciences
  • Illuminating Complex Problems Awards Illuminating Complex Problems Awards recognize RISE presentations, rooted in values of social justice, that effectively illuminate causes of, or suggest strategies for addressing, a complex and persistent social problem. Sponsored by the College of Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Lux, Veritas, Virtus Award – Taking its name from Northeastern’s motto, this award recognizes a RISE project that exemplifies the values of light, truth, and courage by elevating our human capacities to engage with challenges through the methods and practices of the arts and humanities. Sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships
  • Platform Economy Award – The platform economy can be characterized as a system of dynamic decentralized networks that enables the increased utilization of assets by directly and nimbly matching supply and demand. Technology has enabled new platforms to flourish, disrupting traditional businesses and transforming the future of transportation, lodging, computing, energy, and other services. The estimated impact of platform economy practices on society is striking, directly affecting the lives of more than a quarter of the adults living in the USA. However, the rapid pace of change has resulted in limited understanding of the dynamic interactions of these platforms with society, and the lag in understanding may be dangerous as disruptive changes continue to accelerate. SHARE envisions and works toward a world in which platforms are intentionally engineered for socially desirable outcomes considering their long-term sustainability, cyber-security, resource usage efficiency, impact on the environment, workforce and community relations, interactions with public services, and value-creation. The Platform Economy Award recognizes one undergraduate and one graduate RISE presentation that demonstrate the most creative and promising approach to using technologies and algorithms for optimizing design, incentives, operations and security of platform economy systems that enable socially desirable outcomes, such as sustainable growth, social equity and improved resilience. Sponsored by SHARE