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2017 Rise Awards

The Awards

Awards are given in the following categories to one undergraduate and one graduate:

  • Computer and Information Sciences
  • Engineering and Technology
  • Health Sciences
  • Humanities and Arts

  • Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes
  • Physical and Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences, Business and Law

The Graduate Innovator Award recognizes a graduate peer who demonstrates remarkable innovation by identifying new approaches to problem solving for maximal social impact. This award is co-sponsored by the Graduate Student Government and the Office of the Provost.

In the age of digital soundbite, mastery of the Pitch is critical. The presenter submitting the best video suite receives $1000 cash.

RISE Awards will be presented to those showing excellence in:

  • Research – $1,000 awarded for methodological and procedural excellence in exploration and study
  • Innovation – $1,000 awarded for the discovery of novel and revolutionary inventions or processes that can be translated into real-world applications
  • Scholarship – $1,000 awarded for an academic breakthrough in a particular field
  • Entrepreneurship (People’s Choice) – $5,000 awarded for research with the greatest entrepreneurial potential. Granted to the student presentation receiving the most RISE investment dollars from attendees

Past Winners

2016 Awards

Computer and Information Sciences

Undergraduate: Mansi Jain: Automated Diagnostic System for Gastric Cancer
Graduate: Keith Harrigan: Anonymity and Gender Inference on Reddit

Engineering and Technology

Undergraduate: Quan Do: A Sensor-Based App for Video Game Play
Joshua Martin: Developing Hierarchically Reinforced Composites Via 3D Printing and Magnetic Assembly

Health Sciences

Undergraduate: Alyssa Long: Pharmacy Student Interactions with Minority Groups
Julie Goff: Gross Motor Group Effects on Children with ASD

Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate: Sarah Solomon: Housing the Boston Homeless
Graduate: Joseph di Bella: Re-thinking Structure

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Undergraduate: Shawn Jones: Triton SCUBA Diving Prosthetic
Graduate: Michael Williams: Human In the Loop Debris Collection

Physical and Life Sciences

Undergraduate: Joseph Chung: Development of a Fluorescent Western Blot of CFTR
John de la Parra: Controlled Biosynthesis and Diversification of Plant-Derived Pharmaceuticals

Social Sciences, Business and Law

Undergraduate: Amelie Desrosiers: Pathways to Progress
Graduate: Matthew Murry: Attachment and Emotion Perception Across Adulthood

2015 Awards


Kristofer Patel: NanoCRISPR: An Alternative to Chemotherapy


Salar Shahini Shamsabadi: PAVEMON: A GIS Web-based PAVEment MONitoring System


David Potter: De Novo Urbanism


Codi Gharagouzloo: Diagnosing Neuropathy Early with QUTE-CE MRI

Computer and Information Sciences

Undergraduate: Chisheng Liang: VistaLight: A Game Helps People Make Better Decisions
Graduate: Bochao Shen: SmartShift: Expanded Load Shifting Incentive Mechanism for Risk-Averse Consumers

Engineering and Technology

Undergraduate: Ethan Edson: Research and Design of an Oceanographic Microplastic Sampling Instrument
Graduate: Benjamin Geilich: Silver Nanoparticle-embedded Polymersome Nanocarriers for the Treatment of Antibiotic-resistant Infections

Health Sciences

Undergraduate: Jennifer Schirmer: Standardization of Cardiopulmonary Skills: Measures of Aerobic Capacity
Graduate: Abhijit Kulkarni: Novel Pharmacotherapy for Treating Cognitive Dysfunction and Chronic Pain in Alzheimers Disease

Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate: Mario Accordino: Everett | Intraface
Graduate: David Potter: De Novo Urbanism

Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Undergraduate: Kristofer Patel: NanoCRISPR: An Alternative to Chemotherapy
Graduate: Codi Gharagouzloo: Diagnosing Neuropathy Early with QUTE-CE MRI

Physical and Life Sciences

Undergraduate: Ronan Talty: Estrogen-Dopamine Interactions During Extinction Learning in Female Rats
Graduate: Divakaran Murugesapillai: Quantitative DNA Binding, Looping, and Compaction Properties of the HIV-1 Viral Protein R

Social Sciences, Business and Law

Undergraduate: Alison Campbell: The Socioecology of Academic Achievement Across Racial Boundaries: The Role of Context in Understanding Disparate Outcomes
Graduate: Jin Xun Goh: Gender-Stereotyping of Sexual Minorities at the Interpersonal Level

2014 Awards

2013 Awards

Computer and Information Sciences

Undergraduate: Katherine Schneider: Creating Neighborhood: Rethinking Urban Family Housing
Graduate: Yiyun Ma: Designing Cloud and Big Data Platforms for Data-intensive Scientific

Engineering and Technology

Undergraduate: Antonio Rufo: FilterLight
Graduate: Ryan Hennessy: Damage Characteristics in MEMS Switch Contacts

Health Sciences

Undergraduate: Nick O’Donnell: Adverse Events Associated with IV Sedative Use and Related Mortality in the United States over an Eight Year Period
Graduate: Malav Trivedi: Novel Mechanistic Explanation for use of Gluten Free Casein Free Diet in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Humanities and Arts

Undergraduate: Benjamin Greer: A Post Industrial Somerville: Urban Development with an Ecological Infrastructure
Graduate: Jessica Wilcock: Urban Revitalization through Resilient Infrastructure


Undergraduate: Chelsea Costanev: arc: building conversations
Graduate: Ryan Myers: Biohybrid Robot Fabrication using E-Jet Printer

Physical and Life Sciences

Undergraduate: Ashley Cryan: Projected Effects of Climate Change and Ocean Acidification on the Incidence and Severity of Blooms of Harmful Algae in the Gulf of Maine
Graduate: Mehmet Nurullah Ates: Revolutionizing Li-Battery Infrastructure for Energy Storage Applications: Short Term and Long Term Solutions

Social Sciences, Business and Law

Undergraduate: Krista Langley: How Anger Influences Threat Detection: The Independent Contributions of Affect and Conceptual Knowledge
Graduate: Lisa Granquist: Armoring the Massachusetts Coast: Increased Protection or Added Risk?