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2019 RISE Date To Be Announced

RISE Info Session

RISE Info Session

October 3, 2018

Northeastern University
RISE Info Session
250 Dockser Hall, Boston, MA 02115


Cabot Physical Education Center

10am – 2pm

Northeastern University
Cabot Physical Education Center
400 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

RISE Awards

East Village

3pm – 5pm

Northeastern University
East Village Hall
291 St. Botolph Street, Boston, MA 02115

Information Session Details


RISE Info Session – 250 Dockser Hall
12:00pm – Info Session Begins
1:00pm – Info Session Ends


During RISE Info Sessions, you will learn:

  • What RISE is.
    • A showcase for ideas, findings, impact. A showcase for you!
  • Who participates in RISE.
    • Undergraduates, Masters students, PhD students, Faculty, and Staff
  • Why participation matters.
    • Sharing research. Professional development. Networking. Recognition. Opportunity.

Most importantly, there will be detailed information about:

  • How to participate.
  • What resources are available.
  • What to expect.

Light bites and refreshments provided.


Reserve your spot today. Register here.

Information for General Attendees



10:00am – RISE opens
2:00pm – RISE concludes

The RISE Awards – East Village, 17th Floor
Campus Map

3:00pm – The RISE Awards begin
5:00pm – The RISE Awards conclude

Download the RISE Event App – CrowdCompass Attendee Hub

  • In your App Store, search for “CrowdCompass AttendeeHub.”
  • Download and open the app.
  • Click “Let’s Find the Event” and search for “RISE:2018.”
  • Login to access all of the powerful features:
    • View RISE presentation posters
    • Floor plan of Expo
    • Campus Map
    • Schedule of RISE happenings
    • Interactive voting for the People’s Choice, $5000 cash, RISE Award
    • Sponsorship information


  • Parking available at Gainsborough Garage, 10 Gainsborough Street, Boston or
    Renaissance Garage, 835 Columbus Avenue, Roxbury Crossing.


  • Backpacks are not permitted, and all bags will be subject to search by NUPD.


  • Please check in at registration kiosks, print your name badge, and then explore the floor.

The RISE Awards

  • Attend the RISE Awards and see if you voted for the People’s Choice winner. Intriguing speakers, powerful networking, tasty desserts, and a glorious skyline view included!

Information for Presenters


8:30am – Registration and board set-up begins
9:30am – Mandatory Presenters’ meeting
10:00am – RISE opens and judging begins
11:00am – Lunch for Presenters with lunch badges
1:00pm – Judging concludes
1:30pm – Investment Club voting ends
1:45pm – List of finalists posted on monitors
2:00pm – RISE concludes

The RISE Awards – East Village, 17th Floor
Campus Map

3:00pm – The RISE Awards begin
5:00pm – The RISE Awards conclude


  • Check in at registration kiosks between 8:30am and 9:30am to ensure your presentation is mounted by 9:45am.
  • Make note of your Abstract Number and don’t forget your poster!
  • Poster Location is printed on your name tag.
  • A member of your group must be present at the poster at all times since Judges will be circulating and ready to hear your pitch.


  • Business attire is required. Backpacks are not permitted, and all bags will be subject to search by NUPD.


  • At 1:45pm, finalists will be posted on RISE monitors near the podium and notified by email.
  • Check monitors/email for results, and remember, if you are a finalist, a minimum of one team member must be present at The RISE Awards.

Wrap Up

  • Posters are to remain throughout the duration of RISE, but must be removed by 2:00pm. Northeastern is not responsible for remaining posters.

Information for Judges


8:30am – Registration begins and breakfast available
9:30am – Meet in Team Room
10:00am – RISE opens, begin judging
11:00am – Lunch available in Team Room
1:00pm – Final scores due; return iPads to Judges Table
1:45pm – Meet in Team Room and await escort to Private Reception
2:00pm – RISE concludes

Private Reception – East Village, 17th Floor

2:00pm – Private Reception begins
3:00pm – Private Reception concludes

The RISE Awards – East Village, 17th Floor

3:00pm – The RISE Awards begin
5:00pm – The RISE Awards conclude


  • Parking available at 775 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 for those with a pre-issued parking pass.


  • Check in at Judges Registration between 8:30am and 9:30am (Cabot Center).


  • Be mindful of time spent with each presenter and mingling with fellow judges in order to ensure final scores are submitted by 1:00pm. If scores are not submitted by the deadline, presenters become ineligible for awards.


  • At registration, you will receive a name badge and an iPad for judging.


  • Lunch will be available between 11:00am and 1:00pm in the Team Room. Food is not permitted on the RISE floor.

Private Reception

  • Following the close of the RISE exhibit, you will be escorted to the Private Reception where you can mingle with fellow judges, Northeastern leadership and faculty, and industry elites.