Event Date

April 13, 2017


Cabot Physical Education Center

10am – 2pm

Northeastern University
Cabot Physical Education Center
400 Huntington Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

RISE Awards

East Village

3pm – 5pm

Northeastern University
East Village Hall
291 St. Botolph Street, Boston, MA 02115

Information for Presenters


8:30am – Registration and board set-up begins
9:30am – Mandatory Presenters’ meeting
10:00am – RISE opens and judging begins
11:00am – Lunch for Presenters with lunch badges
1:00pm – Judging concludes
1:30pm – Investment Club voting ends
1:45pm – List of finalists posted on monitors
2:00pm – RISE concludes

The RISE Awards – East Village, 17th Floor
Campus Map

3:00pm – The RISE Awards Begin
5:00pm – The RISE Awards Conclude


  • Check in at registration kiosks between 8:30am and 9:30am to ensure your presentation is mounted by 9:45am.
  • Make note of your Abstract Number and don’t forget your poster!
  • Poster Location is printed on your name tag.
  • A member of your group must be present at the poster at all times since Judges will be circulating and ready to hear your pitch.


  • Business attire is required. Backpacks are not permitted, and all bags will be subject to search by NUPD.


  • At 1:45pm, finalists will be posted on RISE monitors near the podium and notified by email.
  • Check monitors/email for results, and remember, if you are a finalist, a minimum of one team member must be present at The RISE Awards.

Wrap Up

  • Posters are to remain throughout the duration of RISE, but must be removed by 2:00pm. Northeastern is not responsible for remaining posters.

Information for Judges


8:30am – Registration begins and breakfast available
9:30am – Meet in Team Room
10:00am – RISE opens, begin judging
11:00am – Lunch available in Team Room
1:00pm – Final scores due; return iPads to Judges’ Table
1:45pm – Meet in Team Room and await escort to Private Reception
2:00pm – RISE concludes

Private Reception – East Village, 17th Floor

2:00pm – Private Reception begins
3:00pm – Private Reception concludes

The RISE Awards – East Village, 17th Floor

3:00pm – The RISE Awards begin
5:00pm – The RISE Awards conclude


  • Parking available at 775 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02115 for those with a pre-issued parking pass.


  • Check in at Judges’ Registration between 8:30am and 9:30am (Cabot Center).


  • Be mindful of time spent with each presenter and mingling with fellow judges in order to ensure final scores are submitted by 1:00pm. If scores are not submitted by the deadline, presenters become ineligible for awards.


  • At registration, you will receive a name badge and an iPad for judging.


  • Lunch will be available between 11:00am and 1:00pm in the Team Room. Food is not permitted on the RISE floor.

Private Reception

  • Following the close of the RISE exhibit, you will be escorted to the Private Reception where you can mingle with fellow judges, Northeastern leadership and faculty, and industry elites.