RISE 2017

Download the App

Be sure to download the official RISE App from Google Play or the App Store by searching RISE:2017! On the app:

  • View event schedule and locations
  • Navigate the RISE floor
  • Search for presentations, presenters, and research categories
  • Vote for the People’s Choice Award
  • Meet our Judges
  • View our Sponsors
  • Check out Innovation Alley
  • Explore Faculty Works

Peoples Choice Icon

Vote for People’s Choice Award

Choose the presentation that you feel has the Greatest Entrepreneurial Potential by investing up to $3 million dollars within the RISE app.

  1. Open the RISE app.
  2. Choose the icon – Vote for People’s Choice
  3. You may choose one, two or three different presentations to receive your investment.
  4. Be sure to enter your choice(s) by entering the four-digit presentation ID, which is located within the presentation in the app and also on the poster.
  5. Voting ends at 1:00pm

At The RISE Awards, the presentation with the most money invested in their idea will be given the RISE Award for Greatest Entrepreneurial Potential.