The Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Entrepreneurship Expo

RISE, the Research, Innovation, Scholarship and Entrepreneurship Expo, was born a decade ago, as a showcase for the research and creative projects being undertaken by Northeastern’s solution-focused, leading-edge students, faculty, and staff. Through the years, the Expo has grown into the largest event of its kind in the nation, as nearly 400 presenters, over 100 judges, and 1000+ attendees join us for this annual event.

This year, we’ll be sharing the exciting work happening at Northeastern through an easy to use online gallery where we’ll be able to host the live conversations and connections that have been the hallmark of RISE for so long. RISE 2022 will feature:

  • A Virtual Gallery for viewing presentations, with search and filter functions
  • Video and text chat features, in system, to connect directly with other RISE participants
  • Networking spaces for all RISE participants
  • And more

RISE Engenders Opportunity

At RISE, leaders from across fields and sectors come together to engage Northeastern’s next generation thinkers, doers, creators, and impact makers from across the disciplines and around the globe.  The convergence at RISE creates a dynamic feedback loop translating into high-impact social change, provocative art, game-changing technologies, lucrative commercial pathways, pioneering joint research projects and bold new understandings of our common humanity.

RISE Celebrates Connectivity

Over 100 esteemed judges and sponsors with expertise in a wide-range of areas and from a huge cross-section of the arts, academia, and industry (design, clean energy, the literary arts, computer science, engineering, the life sciences, and finance, to name a few) come together to celebrate the ingenuity and impact of research and creative endeavor across the disciplines at Northeastern. The experts crown the winners of  the prestigious RISE Awards, presented to both undergraduate and graduates.

RISE: the largest event of its kind in the United States