2013  •   Health Sciences

The Efficacy of Blended Learning in the Education of Gross Anatomy

Lead Presenter: Kevin Goldthwaite

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to assess the effectiveness of implementing blended learning strategies within a Gross Anatomy cadaver lab class. Previous studies have reported blended learning increases student motivation and promotes higher learning. Methods: Educational modules comprised of a video and associated questions were produced and provided to the Gross Anatomy students as an adjunct to their studying. Video topics were selected based on perceived areas of difficulty identified with a needs assessment survey administered to previous students of gross anatomy. A quality assessment survey was given to the students following each of their practicals to measure how many students were using the videos, and how they felt these videos aided their studying. æResults: Initial results of this study show that 100% of students who watch the modules report it being helpful to their studies. Additionally, students who watched the videos more often identified the chambers and vessels of the heart correctly.