2013  •   Humanities and Arts

The Blair Residences

Lead Presenter: Chris Marciano

The Blair Residences was the name given to a study of mine into a new architectural housing typology; the micro loft. This is an architecture fully-concerned with the humanities aspect of design, and is meant to create diverse housing opportunities for young professionals and recent graduates. The subject area for my case study was Dudley Square; a part of Boston set to see large amounts of development over the coming years. æThe residences get their name from The Blair Lot, a parcel immediately adjacent to Dudley Square. Composed of surface-lot parking, it could be more efficiently used for residences in anticipation of future investment. With investment can come gentrification, however, so it was with much sensitivity that my teammates and I deployed a mixture of typologies onto the site. My research into micro lofts was one of a tri-partite arrangement of residences that would act as a new ïcampusÍ in Dudley Square. The term ïcampusÍ is used because this is not meant to be an introverted development; extensive ground-floor retail plus a large civic atrium aids in the mixing process. æIn Boston, there are inadequate options for young professionals to find independent housing, which is why the micro loft typology seemed like a necessary response. Young professionals could benefit from this historical part of Boston, and current residents could equally benefit from their investment. The ideal scenario is not a melting pot, but a mixing pot; an area where varied socio-economic groups come together with mutual respect for their community.