2013  •   Engineering and Technology

Pd- catalytic hydrodechlorination of TCE using cathodic H2 in a circulated electrolytic column at high flow rate and current

Lead Presenter: Noushin Fallahpour

The performance of Pd-catalytic hydrodechlorination of trichloroethylene (TCE) using H2 produced from water electrolysis is evaluated under a high flowrate in a circulated column system. Under the testing conditions of 500 mA, 1 L/min and 10 g of Pd/Al2O3 catalyst (0.5% Pd, w/w), about 54% of 5 mg/L TCE is removed within 3 h. A total of 10 times treatment results in no significant changes in the removal efficiency, proving that the performance of this remediation process can be sustained in a relatively long time. Higher removal efficiency can be attained by prolonging the treatment time. Complete removal is achieved after 6 h circulation. In order to increase the removal rate, it is necessary to further optimize the operation parameters and to improve the reactor configuration. For the potential field application, a cost-effective and sustainable in-situ electrochemical process can be developed to remediate TCE in ground water using a solar panel as power supply.