2013  •   Engineering and Technology

Mobile Acoustic Subsurface Sensing (MASS)

Lead Presenter: Yifeng Lu

The highway pavement and bridge roadway health situation is a critical attention for our society. It is connected with millions of people for their daily life from both safety and economic perspective as civil infrastructure. The deterioration of roadway initiates not only from surface as cracks, potholes, but also from the subsurface layers as de-bonding, or stripping due to material aging and corrosion. This poster introduces a prototype of Mobile Acoustic Subsurface Sensing (MASS) for rapid roadway assessment to inspect the subsurface situation. The prototype employs non-contact acoustic sensing with microphone and de-noising design for fieldwork with walking speed. The acoustic signal as the radiating surface wave brings the same subsurface profile information as surface wave which is widely utilized as Non Destructive Testing technology in pavement and bridge deck. A fast radiating surface wave analysis program platform is built up to process inversion through rapid Rayleigh wave based algorithm or Lamb wave based algorithm for versatile roadway genres. The hardware platform of MASS is a 3-wheeled cart outfitted with an electromagnetic hammer (impact source), non-contact acoustic sensors, data acquisition and processing equipment. This integration of hardware and software makes the MASS system a mobile prototype for rapid roadway subsurface assessment.