2013  •   Engineering and Technology


Lead Presenter: KAI BAI

The traditional subway orange line connects Oak Grove and Forest Hills. Because of traveling such a long distance, recurring delays can be easily caused, and it also results in the high empty rate of the subway. To solve these problems caused by the traditional orange line, a new design is put forward. All the subway trains are separated into two parts, one is made up of the short drive trains and the other is the ordinary ones. Ordinary trains dispatch from O to R and return from R. Similarly, the ordinary train runs from F and comes back from N. The ordinary train will not hider peopleƍs normal travel. Shortdrive trains run from O to N and return from N. So passengers who want to go to center of the city and take the S trains can transfer to the ordinary train from F direction. Similarly, S train starting from F can also enable passengers to transfer in R to the ordinary train in the O direction. Of course, we should keep the two exchange trains meeting at the same time. In this way, the energy savings can be about 73.8%, and it will bring much convenience to people who always go to work or school by subway. It is a method that applicable to all subway lines.