2012  •  

Integrating an Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Prevention Program Into a Public School Physical Education Curriculum

Lead Presenter: Chris Cesario

Anterior Cruciate Ligament injuries are one of the most common knee injuries amongst high school athletes. It has been shown in previous studies that strengthening of the lower extremity as well as engaging in plyometric and agility drills at an early age decreases the incidence of ACL injuries. This study serves as an educational module to provide knowledge to gym teachers in the Stoughton Public School system about ACL injuries and exercise strategies to prevent these injuries in young athletes. This study will be performed on five gym teachers. First, they will be given a pre-test to examine their baseline knowledge on the function of the ACL and proper exercise instruction. Next, they will be presented with an educational module on the anatomy of the ACL and exercises used to strengthen the lower extremity. Finally, they will be instructed in