2012  •  

FMCW Signal Processing for Detecting Explosives-related Threats using Near Field

Lead Presenter: Galia Ghazi

Standoff detection is very important because it can help detect concealed threats on the human body. The mm-waves radar is the ideal modality for standoff detection because it can penetrate clothing, has high resolving resolution and reacts to the dielectric contrast of interest (explosives). In this poster the imaging from the microwave frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar system is investigated with synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing. The transmitter has a 2-dimensional array which is used to generate 3-dimensional scattering images. The 2-dimensional rail-SAR is an inexpensive stepping stone to mm-wave radar and can be expanded to the next generation of 2-dimensional fixed aperture radar. The SAR processing that is used is a more precise inversion method for generating the 3-dimensional reflectivity images of the objects in the near distance of about 1.5m. These 3-dimensional images are better representations of real objects and can be used to more precisely find anomalies such as explosive threats on the human body.