2012  •  

Electrochemically Fabricated Nickel-Tungsten Nanowires

Lead Presenter: Tetiana Bairachna

Nickel-tungsten alloys are excellent materials for catalyzing electrolytic hydrogen, exhibit high hardness, and superior corrosion and wear resistance. To date, thin films of these alloys have been widely studied, but their nanowire counterparts have not yet been reported. This work demonstrated the first set of nickel-tungsten nanowires that were mechanically robust. Nickel-tungsten nanowires of 30-250 nm diameter and 6 ?m length were electrodeposited into polycarbonate membranes using direct and pulse current. The composition was targeted via results obtained for nickel-tungsten thin films, having tungsten percentage in the range of 33-52 wt. % which was lower than that for thin films. Inspection by electron microscopy showed that the nanowire had a morphology that was modular, but not in phase with the applied current. An increase in the template pore diameter led to a more bumpy structure. Ultrasonic treatment was used to assess nanowire mechanical robustness.