2012  •  

Directed Assembly and Transfer of Nanoelements Using Damascene Templates

Lead Presenter: Hanchul Cho

Large scale directed assembly of nanoelements followed by transfer would lay the foundation for realizing cost effective manufacturing methods for devices comprising of nanoscale elements with unique properties. For directed assembly, solution based electrophoresis technique has been widely used to fabricate nano-structures, because of its speed and scalability. We have developed a damascene template, fabricated by micro/nanofabrication process and chemical mechanical polishing methods (CMP) to make the metallic micro and nanowires to be connected to a conductive film underneath the insulating film, for a uniform assembly density and the easy transfer of them onto a flexible substrate. Also, the template can be reused thousands of time for the assembly and the transfer without any additional processes such as patterning, stripping and sacrificial layer remove/deposit enabling high-rate manufacturing process. Our approach demonstrated highly organized and uniformly dense SWNTs and nanoparticles assembly on both micro and nano features. SWNTs were then transferred onto PMMA film and PET films through transfer method.