2013  •   Interdisciplinary Topics, Centers and Institutes

Development of a sound synthesis application and a music controller for sound designers

Lead Presenter: Shrinandan Selvamani

Any sound can be represented as a collection of sine waves which are represented by the parameters such as frequency, amplitude and/or decay rate. The human ear has a frequency range of 20hz – 20,000hz and an equally vast amplitude range. The combination of these numbers which parameterize the sine wave allow for different possible sounds or timbres which are heard for example as a guitar string or a church bell etc. The possible combinations are vast and this application with the help of the controller as an interface allows the user to explore different sounds and timbres. ææUnderstanding this mechanism of interaction of sine waves is a computational intensive process and might require using techniques such as neural network learning engine. Though it seems daunting task any breakthrough in audio spectral analysis will impact various dependent fields tenfold. Sound has been always an important research domain in medical , military and corporate alike. æApplications – æsound design in film and music. Education in children, pure physics