2012  •  

Design and Development of Calorimetric Biosensors using Extra Ordinary Optical Tranmission through Nanohole Arrays

Lead Presenter: Mehmet Sen

Calorimeter devices and temperature sensors are widely used tools in pharmaceutical, biochemical and clinical diagnostic application areas. Measurement of the energy released during a complex formation is a direct measure of the performance of the interaction between tested molecules. This thermodynamic information is important in selecting which compounds should be taken into later stages of the process of candidate drug identification for a given target protein. The main goal in the current calorimeter development research is to reduce the amount of valuable sample used during testing and reducing the test times. Our research focuses on the development of a calorimeter device utilizing a photonic temperature sensor based on the Extraordinary Optical Tranmission (EOT) signals through nanohole array sensors (NAS) on metallic films. Numerical and experimental results revealed that NAS technology can be used as sensitive and fast response temperature sensor due to their small footprint (3.3