2012  •  

Confronting Gender-based Violence with Training and Social Entrepreneurship

Lead Presenter: Mimi Koroye

“Confronting Gender-based Violence with Training and Social Entrepreneurship” Students, AFRS 1185 Gender in the African Diaspora Confronting the global challenge of gender inequality is having social, economic, and political impact on global transformation. As a threat to human health and security eliminating GBV(gender-based violence) as a disruptive force in individuals and communities is acknowledged as the number one world health crisis. From an international policy perspective, the MDGs and CEDAW (UN Resolution 1325) have provided standard goals for nations to use in addressing those practices that prevent equality and, therefore, prevent national prosperity. Girls’ and women’s empowerment in low-income nations is hampered by traditional practices that create systemic inequality and breed brutality as a norm. In keeping with UN Secretary General Moon’s “zero tolerance” for violence against women (VAW), students working in group “think tanks” on gender and development will redress the Brundtland Commission’s mantra ‘freedom from want, freedom from fear’ from a gender perspective. Two teams from Gender in the African Diaspora (AFRS 1185) will present approaches to two gender-specific health crises- “son preference” and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation) in Egypt and Sudan, respectively. Each team will present 1) an existing in-country project/intervention that addresses VAW and 2) a unique Model Social Entrepreneurship Intervention that expands the boundaries of ‘sustainability’ to demonstrate that confronting gender-based violence (GBV) requires culturally appropriate, gender-specific, and community-based solutions. Formats: Poster + Prezi presentation