2012  •  

Concussion Management Among Certified Athletic Trainers in Massachusetts

Lead Presenter:

Concussions in extracurricular athletic activities are a growing concern within the community.
Concussions are seen in individuals of all ages and fitness levels, therefore Certified Athletic
Trainers (ATC) are required to be familiar with current concussion management protocols.
Concussion protocols are not currently standardized, therefore differences exist in the strategies
utilized by ATCs. In July 2010 Massachusetts passed a new law 105 CNR 201.00 implementing
standardized procedures in regards to concussion management.
This research is to verify what procedural changes have been made by ATCs following the
passing of the new legislation. The years of experience and the employment setting of the ATC
will be evaluated for differences in protocol choices.
Certified Athletic Trainers licensed in Massachusetts volunteered to participate in a correlation
study. The 27-question survey was adapted from previous studies investigating similar
concussion management strategies. This data will be analyzed for differences between
employment settings and years of experience by examining each independent variable separately
and determining correlation. A logistic regression will be used to determine the influence of the
new Massachusetts law on changes in protocol.
Expected Results
Results are expected to determine the most common protocols and techniques utilized by ATCs
in Massachusetts. There are differences in procedures expected between employment settings
since the implementation of the new Massachusetts concussion law.
Clinical Relevance
The outcome of this study will inform healthcare professionals about the necessity for
standardized concussion protocols to ensure optimal care to patients with concussions.