2012  •  

Association Between Use Of Scheduled Antipsychotic Therapy During Prolonged Mechanical Ventilation At A Long Term Acute Care Hospital And Related Patient Outcomes

Lead Presenter: Nada Alqadheeb

Introduction: It is suspected that scheduled antipsychotic therapy (SAT) is frequently administered to patients with delirium undergoing prolonged mechanical ventilation (PMV) in the long term acute care hospital (LTACH) but the association between SAT use and related efficacy and safety outcomes remain unclear. Methods: All patients admitted to an LTACH for PMV over a one year period were studied. Patients with major psychiatric disorders or severe dementia were excluded. The study included both patients who received ? 24 hours of SAT and those who did not. For each LTACH day, the association between potential variables related to SAT use and SAT-related side effects were tested using a GEE model. Results: Demographics, LTACH length of stay and discharge disposition did not differ between SAT (31/80; 39%) and non-SAT (49/80; 61%) groups. On days where SAT was administered, ? 1 dose of an