2013  •   Engineering and Technology

An Air Traffic Management Game; A Human Machine Interface

Lead Presenter: Payam Parsinejad

Air traffic control management is a demanding activity for human operators. This activity, when engaged for long periods of time, causes fatigue and increases mental workload, which could lead to human errors. If one could understand the interaction dynamics between the operators and this activity, one could then design ways by which the machine can assist the operators, with the objective to reduce probability of human error. To understand this interaction dynamics, we designed an open source air traffic management game within MATLAB environment, with the initial idea grasped from a clinical mental stress test, called the ñStroop Testî. æThe game is designed to make the subjects experience various levels of mental workload while playing the game simply by adjusting the game parameters, such as airplane speed, instants when the airplanes arrive on the screen, and the number of runways with different colors. In this poster, we present this game and also show how we can incorporate Blood Volume Pulse (BVP) and Skin Conductance (SC) sensors into MATLAB for real-time measurements from human subjects playing the game. By carefully analyzing these measurements, one may infer human subjectsÍ mental workload. We discuss some data processing techniques that can be applied on these measurements in order to extract effective attributes (features) of the subjectsÍ workload.