2013  •   Health Sciences

Airbag belt for senior citizens to wear to prevent major injuries

Lead Presenter: Charis Loveland

Our product concept (assembled in Professor Marion’s Lean Innovation course as part of the high tech MBA program) is an airbag belt for senior citizens to wear to prevent major injuries. The belt would be worn on a regular basis and deploy upon a sudden fall to prevent damage to the hip and pelvic region. The goal of the belt is to prevent life-altering injuries to senior citizens. æInjuries resulting from falls are the leading cause of death for people aged 65 and older. Brittle bones, low capacity for exercise, and long recovery times inhibit recovery or stop cease it completely. This leads to loss of mobility and accelerated rate of aging after a fracture in an important joint. While still leading and active lifestyle, senior citizens need protection from fall damage resulting a broken hip or pelvis. æNo products to prevent hip/pelvic injury in a fall exist commercially. While there are a few basic solutions involving foam pads, this product concept takes into account the dignity of the senior citizen to wear a stylish accessory rather than something akin to a diaper. æOur team of 6 high tech MBA students has been developing this concept for 1 month in Professor Marion’s class. We plan to build a prototype by the end of March.