2012  •  

Adapting the multiplex residential building into different sites in metropolis

Lead Presenter: Haiyang Xu

As the social structure becoming increasingly more complex in world’s cities (especially in metropolis), and as the population density ascending, it is hard to solve the problem of accommodating different residents (in another words, people with different purposes and requirements) in the limited urban sites with single-type buildings. This research aims to create a new living prototype in urban context with multi-possibilities and flexibilities adapting in any kinds of sites. The project building contains diverse unit types as live-work / one-bedroom / two-bedroom / three -bedroom with the different forms of single-level / duplex / three-decker, and integrates them with commercial or social activity spaces as a complex which provides distinct living experiences for publics. Furthermore, the prototype can be used in different sites, especially difficult sites, in the cities. Specifically, the research project uses an irregularly shaped site in Dudley Square. The 9-storey building contains 68 different-typed units with a 50-parking semi-underground garage as well as street level retail and community spaces. Moreover, the idea of levelly step-back terrace with roof garden also provides possibility to a novel strategy of urban landscape.