• LOI: 08/14/2018
  • Proposal: 09/18/2018


  • Amount: varies
  • Duration: 18-48 months


The Resilient Anonymous Communication for Everyone (RACE) program will research technologies for a distributed messaging system that a) can exist completely within a given network, b) provides confidentiality, integrity, and availability of messaging, and c) preserves privacy to any participant in the system. Compromised system data and associated networked communications should not be helpful for compromising any additional parts of the system.
RACE advances will be based on rigorous security arguments, such as those found in the academic cryptography community or statistical arguments based on realistic simulations. RACE will create advances in communication protocol encapsulation methods as well as efficient, oblivious, distributed system tasking, possibly via secure multiparty computation, to build a system that cannot be compromised even with limited participant compromises and large scale,
real-time deep packet inspection. Approaches to preserving privacy are of interest, such as ubiquitous encryption, even during computation, and obfuscating communication protocols.

Please note that ad hoc security arguments are not in scope for the program.

This effort will bring together advances in efficient, oblivious, distributed system tasking, possibly via secure multiparty computation, with communication protocol encapsulation methods to build a distributed system that cannot be compromised even with limited participant compromises and large-scale, real-time deep packet inspection. It is assumed that the network environment is large enough that it is infeasible to actively monitor every, or even most, systems
in the environment, but it is possible to monitor all inter-network traffic (traffic between significant groups of networked systems). As an example, we assume that inter-network traffic can be affected by filtering, monitoring, or injection via real-time deep packet inspection at scale.

The primary purpose of the RACE system is to avoid large-scale compromise. In particular, small compromises against the system should not be helpful to compromise the operation or security of the larger system. The system will avoid compromise in two primary ways: 1) preventing compromised information from being useful for identifying any of the system nodes because all such information is encrypted on the nodes at all times, even during computation; and 2) preventing communications compromise by virtue of obfuscating communication protocols. RACE will focus on Internet Protocol communications, to include those coming from the mobile phones used to send messages to each other. Please note that wireless-based solutions (e.g., mobile ad hoc networks) are NOT in scope.

The program will be divided into 4 technical areas (TA), with all performers coordinating with each other and in concert with the integrator:

  • TA1: Cryptography, focused on MPC and other advanced cryptographic tasks.
  • TA2: Obfuscated communications, in both the client-server and server-server modes.
  • TA3: Integration of the RACE system.
  • TA 3.1: Resilient application distribution

Performers should be prepared to work closely with each other and be flexible in order to support integration and support system development needs that may arise as the RACE system becomes more mature.

Contact Information

Technical POC: Dr. Joshua Baron, Program Manager, DARPA/I2O
BAA Email: