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Submitting PIs:

  • Francesca Inglese
  • Kathleen Kelly
  • Internal: 07/25/2019
  • Proposal: 09/25/2019


  • Amount: $6,000
  • Duration: 2 months


The updated Summer Stipends guidelines have now been published and are reflected below.

The National Endowment for the Humanities’ Summer Stipends program aims to stimulate new research in the humanities and its publication. Summer Stipends support continuous full-time work on a humanities project for a period of two consecutive months. NEH funds may support recipients’ compensation, travel, and other costs related to the proposed scholarly research.

The program works to accomplish this goal by:

  • Providing small awards to individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars, general audiences, or both.
  • Supporting projects at any stage of development, but most especially early-stage research and late-stage writing in which small awards are most effective
  • Furthering the NEH’s commitment to diversity and inclusion in the humanities by encouraging applications from independent scholars and faculty at Hispanic Serving Institutions, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, tribal colleges and universities, and community colleges

NEH areas of interest:

Special encouragement in recognition of and preparation for the 250th anniversary of American independence: As we approach the 250th anniversary, NEH is offering a special encouragement to applicants in the Summer Stipends program to consider the impact—both immediate and long term—of the momentous events of 1776. NEH especially invite applications that explore the role of the Declaration of Independence and other foundational documents in the making of U.S. history. In addition, NEH would welcome applications that explore the experiences of states and communities beyond the original colonies in joining the nation, since they have their own stories of becoming part of the United States. NEH also invites applications examining the stories and contributions of underserved communities in our nation’s history.

Advancing civic education: NEH encourages projects that promote a deeper understanding of American history and culture, as well as projects that advance civic education and knowledge of America’s core principles of government.

Standing Together: NEH invites projects related to its Standing Together initiative, which encourages projects related to war and military service.

Protecting Our Cultural Heritage: In response to the destruction of cultural heritage materials worldwide, NEH encourages applications for projects that study, document, or create digital representations of lost or imperiled cultural heritage materials. Proposed projects should be based on scholarly work and follow standards and best practices. Projects must demonstrate the capacity to be sustained and must be widely accessible to the public.

The Summer Stipends program will give equal consideration to all applications in accordance with the program’s review criteria, whether or not they respond to the Standing Together initiative, focus on lost or imperiled cultural heritage materials, or recognize the 250th anniversary of American independence. Please see the full FOA for more details.

Eligibility & Submission Requirements

Northeastern University may nominate two tenured or tenure-track faculty members. Individuals who are interested in applying should, by July 25, 2019, submit the following materials as a single PDF document email attachment (not to exceed six pages) to Karen Drew (x 4824):

  1. Narrative: not to exceed three single-spaced pages
  2. Bibliography: not to exceed one single-spaced pages
  3. Résumé: not to exceed two single-spaced pages

Please note that the materials requested differ from the university’s Procedure for Programs with Limited Submissions for this opportunity.


  • Applicants may submit only one application to the Summer Scholar program per year.
    An individual may not hold more than one NEH individual award
    (for example, a Fellowship, a Public Scholar award, or a Summer Stipend) at the same time. Nor may an individual work on a project supported by an NEH institutional award as either a project director or participant whileholding an NEH individual award.
  • An individual may not accept a teaching assignment or undertake any activities diverting the individual from the Summer Stipend project during the period of performance of the award.
  • United States citizens, whether they reside inside or outside the United States, are eligible to apply.
  • Foreign nationals who have been living in the United States or its jurisdictions for at least the three years immediately preceding the application deadline are also eligible.

Contact Information

If you are a member of CSSH, please address questions to Alisa Lincoln (

If you are a member of CAMD, please address questions to Katherine Calzada (

Faculty from colleges other than CSSH and CAMD may contact Karen Drew (  x4824)