• Proposal: 06/10/2019


  • Amount: up to $250,000
  • Duration: 24 months


Webinar, registration required: Tuesday, May 7th, 2019 1:30-2:30 PM EST

InnovateMass provides grant funding and technical support for projects that are developing new clean energy technologies or innovative combinations of existing technologies that demonstrate a strong potential for commercialization while providing significant measurable clean energy and/or climate benefits. While InnovateMass funding may be used to support demonstration of any technology that meets MassCEC’s definition of “clean energy”, particular emphasis will be placed on identifying projects in the following four areas:

  1. Energy storage, grid modernization, and resiliency
  2. Building-level energy usage
  3. Clean transportation
  4. Offshore wind

Under the Data Science and Machine Learning Spotlight, InnovateMass will also provide funding for projects that demonstrate innovations between technology readiness level (TRL) 5 and 7 that enable data-driven insights and intelligent automation in support of clean energy. Specifically, MassCEC is particularly interested in innovations that leverage data science and machine learning techniques to:

  1. Reduce building energy use and optimize energy consumption and generation at the building level
  2. Accelerate adoption of clean transportation technologies
  3. Use machine learning or data science tools that reduce the cost or increase the market permeation of clean energy resources in sectors related to the MassCEC focus areas listed above

Successful applicants will demonstrate that:

  • the technology used in the project has strong commercialization potential;
  • they have developed a partnership, which will allow the technology to be validated in a demonstration setting, including a project site;
  • the proposed project will advance the technology’s commercial readiness;
  • the proposed project will enable an emerging clean energy company to demonstrate the value of its technology to potential customers and investors;
  • they have secured the required cost share of at least 50% of the total grant request, i.e., at least one-third of the total project budget;
  • the proposed project addresses a critical energy/climate challenge and reduces or prevents greenhouse gas(“GHG”) emissions; and
  • the proposed project is viable, and feasible within the budget proposed and the time frame allowed by the Program

Software proposals are eligible but should endeavor to highlight the novel innovation at the core of the proposed technology.

Eligibility & Submission Requirements

Applicant Teams must include at least one clean energy company with proprietary technology to be demonstrated and one or more demonstration project partners, who will provide a host site or sites for the proposed project. Demonstration Partners may be potential clients or organizations able to provide a site for the demonstration project.

Applicant Teams may also include additional technology providers; service providers or subcontractors; and other team members who are able to provide necessary funding and/or expertise.

Project requires 50% cost share of the total grant request, i.e. at least one-third of the total project budget


Contact Information

All questions regarding the Innovate Mass Program and this RFP should be directed to: . Questions must be received by 5:00 PM Eastern time on Thursday, May 9.Responses to all questions will be posted on a rolling basis to the InnovateMass website at .