• LOI: 06/11/2019
  • Proposal: 08/16/2019


  • Duration: 24 months


The U.S. Army Research Office (ARO) in partnership with the National Security Agency (NSA) is soliciting proposals for research in Trapped Ion Qubits. This BAA has three research goals:

  • substantially reduce noise levels detrimental to high fidelity gates in trapped ion systems and to improve the stability of these gates once achieved;
  • explore novel quantum information encoding schemes and/or entanglement generation schemes with trapped ion systems;
  • development of critical supporting technology required for successful highly stable high fidelity trapped ion systems.

The following research topics are not of interest to this BAA:

  1. Photonic interconnects between multiple trapped-ion modules
  2. Hybrid quantum systems e.g. trapped ion systems with superconducting qubits, mechanical devices etc.
  3. Quantum communication, networking, and key distribution


Contact Information

Questions of a technical nature or a programmatic nature shall be directed as specified below:
Technical Program Point of Contact (ARO):
Dr. T.R. Govindan
Army Research Office
Email Address: