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Submitting PIs:

  • Ted Landsmark and Dan O’Brien
  • Internal: 08/14/2019
  • LOI: 09/06/2019


  • Amount: Minimum of $100,000
  • Duration: 2-5 years


Cummings Foundation has combined its $100K for 100 and Sustaining Grants initiatives into the new Cummings $20 Million Grant Program, which will award a total of $20 million to 125 local-area nonprofits in 2020.

The Cummings $20 Million Grant Program is a place-based initiative that primarily supports nonprofits in the Massachusetts counties where Cummings Foundation operates commercial properties and where most staff and clients of Cummings Foundation and Cummings Properties live—Middlesex, Essex, and Suffolk County. Applicants should not only be headquartered in but also provide at least 50 percent of their services in this tri-county area. In addition, all funding requests should focus exclusively on operations within the tri-county area.

The program funds a wide variety of local causes, especially those related to human services, education, healthcare, and social justice. While not in any way minimizing the value or importance of organizations focused on the arts (including dance, music, and theater), culture, environment, athletics, or the preservation of land or historic buildings, these areas are not among this program’s priorities. Additionally, animal welfare organizations are not typically considered for these grants, as the Foundation already supports animals in a significant way.

Special consideration is given to nonprofits based in the 11 cities and towns where the Cummings organization operates commercial real estate. The Foundation may also give such consideration to organizations that are based elsewhere in the tri-county area and propose introducing programming or services in one or more of these 11 communities, especially Woburn.

At least half of the grants each year will be determined completely by volunteers. The other awards will be Early Decision grants, determined by Cummings Foundation through an internal process.

Cummings Foundation has now awarded more than a quarter-billion dollars to greater Boston nonprofits to date.

Eligibility & Submission Requirements

The Foundation will accept one LOI per institution.  If interested in submitting, please contact Karen Drew (x4824) by August 14, 2019 and submit CV and a 2 page pre-proposal following the NU Procedure for Programs with Limited Submissions.

The Cummings $20 Million Grant Program will not generally consider requests for:**

  • Endowments
  • Medical research
  • Scholarship funds
  • Religious endeavors
  • Relatively new entities
  • Political, legislative, or lobbying organizations
  • Individuals or debt reduction, no matter how worthy
  • Organizations that do not regularly file IRS Form 990
  • Major capital campaigns, unless very near completion
  • Very large organizations already supported by robust endowments
  • Organizations that do not have tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service Code
  • National or regional organizations, or local branches thereof that do not have an EIN separate from that of the larger entity
  • Organizations that discriminate based on race, color, gender, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, etc.
  • Municipalities (including public schools, police departments, etc.), except for the 11 communities in which the Cummings organization operates commercial properties
  • Primary and secondary schools, except for those located in the 11 communities in which the Cummings organization operates. Schools in these priority communities will typically not be considered, however, if they charge significant tuition.

**In any grant cycle, the list of award recipients may include one or more organizations that do not strictly adhere to all of these priorities and eligibility guidelines. Such exceptions may be made in recognition of a particular relationship to or with the Foundation.