• Proposal: 11/11/2019


  • Amount: $1M-$2M


The Air Force Science and Technology (S&T) Strategy (April 2019) drives coordinated efforts to provide Airmen the scientific and technological advances needed to deter war and protect vital national interests. The strategy seeks to enhance Air Force technological advantage and military superiority during a time of great power competition through 2030 and beyond. Aligned with the National Defense Strategy, it calls for a rapidly innovating force with disruptive capabilities powered by scientific and technological advances. Through sustained commitment to the goals outlined in the Science and Technology Strategy, the Air Force will set an unmatched pace in the delivery of transformational capabilities to Joint warfighters in support of national defense.

The Air Force Explore Opportunity Call seeks transformational Capability Ideas that address one of the following Functional Challenges and advance at least one of the five Strategic Capabilities outlined in the Air Force Science and Technology Strategy.

Capability Idea submissions will be similar to that of a 2-3 page white paper and will require elements such as an idea maturation plan consisting of aggressive, short duration applied research and development efforts to assess the operational viability and demonstrate feasibility of transformational warfighter capabilities including their associated business and use cases.  Idea Maturation Plans can demonstrate operational viability and feasibility of the Capability Idea through various approaches including, but not limited to: modeling & simulation, military utility experimentation, exercise participation, technical analysis, technology maturation, risk reduction activities, and subject matter expertise input.

To guide these Capability Ideas, the Air Force is issuing a series of functional challenges beginning with the following three:

Eligibility & Submission Requirements

Parties may submit White Papers to multiple Functional Challenges. Additionally, parties may submit more than one White Paper per Functional Challenge. All submissions must be unclassified. 

Contact Information

Questions pertaining to the AF Explore Opportunity Call should be submitted in writing to

Answers to the questions will be posted on the FBO website and Answers may be provided directly to the party if proprietary information is involved, or the answer addresses a question specific to party.