• Proposal: 05/15/2019


  • Amount: $250,000
  • Duration: 3 years


The goal of the Rising Star Research Awards is to recognize and fund promising, early career investigators through a competitive grants process to accelerate research on major neuropsychiatric disorders. Candidates should have demonstrated productivity and innovation in a scientific field that can be applied to the study of neuropsychiatric disorders, such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, addiction, bipolar disorder, depression, posttraumatic stress, schizophrenia, traumatic brain injury, digital therapies and other research relevant to brain health.

Rising Star Research Awards: Proposals for a Rising Star Research Award that are directed at understanding fundamental characteristics and biological mechanisms of brain function and dysfunction are within scope, as well as the translation of basic science mechanisms into better diagnostics and treatments for neuropsychiatric disorders. Note that proposals on schizophrenia and/or depression research are of particular interest. In addition, studies that use existing data and collaborations to accelerate discovery and knowledge are encouraged. Examples of relevant research include, but are not limited to studies that aim to:

  • Discover biological mechanisms of neuropsychiatric and/or neurotraumatic disorder(s);
  • Identify pharmacological and non-pharmacological therapeutic targets;
  • Develop new models or refine existing models for studying neuropsychiatric and/or neurotraumatic disorders;
  • Develop new tools or improve existing tools for studying brain health;
  • Identify or advance biomarker development for neuropsychiatric disorder(s);
  • Develop targeted therapies to prevent the onset or progression of neuropsychiatricdisorders, mitigate their negative effects on brain function and behavior, or promoterecovery;
  • Characterize similarities and differences in biological mechanisms between two or more neuropsychiatric disorders, and/or characterize the effects of comorbid conditions on diagnosis, prognosis, and treatments;
  • Externally validate promising biomarkers, diagnostic tools, and treatments;
  • Compare the effects of treatments on whole or select patient populations; or
  • Generate new hypotheses from existing clinical data and test them in relevant pre-clinical or computational models, or in small pilot clinical studies.

Eligibility & Submission Requirements

Candidates should be within 10 years of their initial independent appointment.

Applicants may apply for the One Mind/Inscopix Technology Grant only as a supplement to a Rising Star Award proposal. Applicants cannot solely apply to the Technology Grant.

Indirect costs are limited to a maximum of 10% and will be taken from the direct costs.

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