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Changing Majors

Undergraduate students enrolled full-time in one or more of the university’s undergraduate schools or colleges may change their major if they meet one of the following transfer criteria:

  • The student meets the criteria for immediate entry as defined by the receiving major.
  • The student has a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.000 or greater and satisfactorily completes the transition criteria as defined by the receiving major. For GPA below 2.000, change of major is at the discretion of the receiving major.

Students who are considering a major change must discuss their change in person with an advisor in the receiving major. See the online list of advising offices. The advisor will certify that the student meets the criteria for immediate entry to the major or will set up a transition term for the student to satisfy the change-of-major criteria. Advisors will discuss the student’s ability to succeed in the desired program given the current academic record as well as the influence of changing major on the student’s ability to obtain a degree in the desired program within the traditional eight-academic-term time frame.

Transition criteria are designed to help ensure that students who change major have a reasonable chance of academic success and program completion. A list of school and college transition criteria is maintained at the website of the respective school or college. Students wishing to join some majors must also audition or submit a portfolio, as indicated on the aforementioned web page. Note also that some colleges have deadlines for applications to change major, also indicated on the aforementioned web page.

International students must inform the Office of Global Services (OGS) of any change of major.

See also: Changing Majors—Advising Offices/Websites


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