Redefining the Future of Renewable Energy Technology

Sustainable Chemistry & Renewable Energy is an intensive, hands-on, two-week program. Throughout the program, students will learn about how the core principles of chemistry are driving some of the most innovative approaches to renewable energy.

The program will focus on:

  • Alternative approaches to make common products without pollution
  • Essential contributors to climate change and its impact
  • Resilience and sustainability with replacement of plastics
  • Electrochemistry leading to better batteries and fuel cells

Students will split their time between lectures given by renowned faculty and guest speakers, and performing lab work and projects in various faculty labs. Students who complete the program will be offered a faculty letter of recommendation.

Learning Outcomes

Green chemistry, chemical synthetic approaches using sustainable reactants

How to nature deals with difficult to activate molecules such as CO2 and N2

Energy and Water nexus

Electrochemistry and Energy

Lab techniques

Fundamentals of electrochemistry

Electrochemical techniques

Fuel cell assembly and performance analysis

Li-ion battery design and testing

Program Prerequisite

Basic High School Chemistry is required for this program.

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Program Tuition

The program tuition is $5,895.

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