Welcome to Accelerate: Pre-College Programs! This page is specially designed for students entering New College of the Humanities in Fall 2020. These programs provide an opportunity to participate in immersive, experiential, non-credit bearing academic experiences in the United States on the Northeastern University campus situated in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Your experience will include learning and exploring alongside motivated and talented high school students from the U.S. and all over the world.

Once you have accepted your offer making NCH your firm choice, you just need to register through the form below. After registering, information on payment, required forms, and other programmatic details will be forthcoming via email.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to peruse this page and read through the program pages linked below, or email precollegeprograms@northeastern.edu.

We look forward to welcoming you to campus!



Through the New College of the Humanities’ unique partnership with Northeastern University, incoming NCH students are able to participate in our Accelerate: Pre-College Programs in Boston, Massachusetts. Class tuition, materials, housing, meals, field trips, and social excursions are covered by a deposit of £1,500, which will be fully refunded following successful completion of their first term of undergraduate studies at New College of the Humanities. Note, students are responsible for transportation to the campus.


Design Discovery

Through a series of six short, intensive projects, students will better understand design and discover how one learns to become a designer. The results of these projects will become portfolio pieces which demonstrate the student’s ideas, skills, and craft, as well as confidence in the design process and in critical thinking.

Students will be asked to explore design issues of composition and form, positive & negative space, color, shape, pattern and rhythm, as well as, using an archive, creating systems, and understanding the difference in properties of material. This will be explored in 2 dimension and 3 dimension by utilizing drawing, painting, animation, photography, the computer, and creating objects in a makers space. All of our class projects are interrelated and support each other.

Students can expect off campus visits to sites such as the Museum of Fine Arts, and each day will culminate with a different guest speaker.

Experiential Entrepreneurship

Experiential Entrepreneurship is designed for future entrepreneurs who want to change the world with their ideas. In this program, students learn to be an entrepreneur by being an entrepreneur. They will form teams and build a startup from an idea to a pitch in front of a panel of entrepreneurs. Along the way, they will have access to industry professionals who will provide guidance in topics, such as finding and growing an audience, business planning, product development, negotiation, pitch presentations, and more. Students will also visit start-up businesses and have other field trips to bring what they are learning to life. This opportunity to go from an idea to a pitch for high school students is a one of a kind experience.

Experiential Entrepreneurship: WE2

Experiential Entrepreneurship: WE2 is a summer program for female and female identifying students interested in pursuing their passions through the lens of entrepreneurship and innovation.

The Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship (WISE), a Northeastern student-run club, has created a Thought Accelerator specifically with women in mind to explore entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset through an individual’s own passions and ideas. WE2, a partnership between The D’Amore-McKim School of Business and WISE is a two-week program which builds a supportive community among participants so that girls feel comfortable developing their ideas, learn the basics of entrepreneurship and shape future ventures.

Humanity in a Digital World

For students who are interested in the social sciences and humanities, the Humanity in a Digital World program will study the relationships among technology and knowledge, society and ethics. Over the course of the two weeks, students will develop a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between the technological, artistic, informational, and social aspects of their world. They will complement such experiential engagements with spirited discussion of the values expressed through, and created by, human technologies. Such projects and discussions will be enriched by field trips around the Boston area to places of knowledge production and dissemination, including a working press, archives, and museums.

Law and (in)Justice

Are laws always just? Can a law truly be neutral and objective? Does law impact everyone the same way? Can law be a means of achieving social justice or is it a tool of oppression?

In this program, students will analyze how law reflects and perpetuates values, norms, and beliefs, most often the values and beliefs of those in privileged positions of power. Through courageous discussion and examination of legal topics that are currently of significant societal concern, including immigration, affirmative action, mass incarceration, reproductive rights, drug laws, LGBTQ+ rights, and algorithmic decision-making, we will explore how law is influenced by, and influences, social hierarchies and power dynamics. Throughout the program, students will learn about innovations in the delivery of legal services, systemic reform, and the practice of law.

Students will meet with judges, practitioners, and advocates to gain a deeper understanding of the various stakeholders involved in the service of law and a wide perspective on law as a means of ensuring justice.

Other Information

Students will be responsible for arranging their own travel to the United States and to Northeastern University, and will bear all associated costs.
Living on campus
Students will live on campus, fully immersed in Northeastern’s community. Housing, meals, and evening/weekend activities are included in the cost of tuition.
Organized social activities will be arranged by Northeastern University staff so that students can enjoy the city of Boston during their time in the program. For the duration of the program, all students will be accompanied by staff on all off-campus field trips and excursions.