Are laws always just? Can a law truly be neutral and objective? Does law impact everyone the same way? Can law be a means of achieving social justice or is it a tool of oppression?

In this program, students will analyze how law reflects and perpetuates values, norms, and beliefs, most often the values and beliefs of those in privileged positions of power. Through courageous discussion and examination of legal topics that are currently of significant societal concern, including immigration, affirmative action, mass incarceration, reproductive rights, drug laws, LGBTQ+ rights, and algorithmic decision-making, we will explore how law is influenced by, and influences, social hierarchies and power dynamics. Throughout the program, students will learn about innovations in the delivery of legal services, systemic reform, and the practice of law.

Students will meet with judges, practitioners, and advocates to gain a deeper understanding of the various stakeholders involved in the service of law and a wide perspective on law as a means of ensuring justice.

Learning Outcomes

Learn The Fundamentals of Law and Legal Systems

Students will be exposed to various broad concepts in the law, including stare decisis, hierarchy of authorities, separation of powers and the role of the courts, and principles of interpretation.

Hone Oral and Written Advocacy Skills

Through interactive and experiential group activities, students will learn how to organize evidence, analyze authorities, marshal arguments, and present their positions both orally and in writing.

Enhance Team Development Skills

Students will learn about the collaborative nature of legal practice, an essential skill for lawyers.

Explore Legal Careers and the Practice of Law

Through in-class exercises, site visits and meetings with members of the legal system, including attorneys, advocates, and judges, students will learn about the various careers in the legal profession.

Examine Social Justice and the Law

Students will learn about social justice lawyering and the role of lawyers in creating lasting, systemic reform.

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Program Tuition

The program tuition is $5,895.

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