Discovering the healthcare solutions of tomorrow

Through this two-week long interactive experiential program, students will explore the broad scope of careers in health professions with professionals well-established in these fields. Throughout the experience, students will participate in medical simulations, practice clinical skills, and complete a CPR certification program. Additionally, they will visit multiple sites where health professionals work throughout the greater Boston-area.

Learning Outcomes

Students admitted into the program will gain a comprehensive understanding of health professional careers – from basic skills to the application of service learning. Students will learn to…

Demonstrate commitment to scientific inquiry

Through research laboratory-based activities across the various health professions careers, students will be able to explain the research process and apply the principles of scientific inquiry.

Develop decision-making and reflective thinking skills

Through experiential activities in the Goldstein Simulation Center and in research labs, students will learn to gather, synthesize, and apply data to clinical situations and to reflect on their thinking in the moment and following simulation using structured debriefing.

Engage in entrepreneurial activities

Using an interprofessional model, students will work in teams to problem solve and plan for common and novel solutions to health care dilemmas.

Explore health professional careers

Through grand rounds, interactive panel discussions, and site visits students will learn about the roles and responsibilities, scope-of-practice, and potential work environments of various health professions., including: nursing, physical therapy, speech-language pathology, audiology, public health, physician assistant, counseling and school psychology, applied behavior analysis, pharmacy andpharmaceutical science, rehabilitation sciences, and exercise science.

Explain and apply concepts of service learning to address health concerns in areas of need

Students will be able to apply basic principles of epidemiology and public health to meet community needs.

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Program Tuition

The program tuition is $5,895.

About Northeastern

Northeastern is a top ranking experiential research university that prides itself on academic rigor, a diverse and talented population of students and faculty, and a powerful learning model that combines the classroom experience with hands-on work experience.

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