Don't just think it, build it

Deepen your understanding of engineering disciplines and current engineering challenges.

Engineering Innovation and Design (EID) is an intensive, experiential, and project-based program for talented high school students who want to deepen their understanding of engineering disciplines and current engineering challenges while building a toolbox of technical skills to set themselves apart from their peers.

Over the course of two weeks, students will learn the basics of engineering design principles in the context of several themes: Robotics in Service to Society, Sustainability in a Changing World, and Product Design. They will research and complete hands-on build projects under these themes using our newly redesigned college Makerspace.

EID will include visits from professionals onsite in robotics, manufacturing, and product design, to see first-hand how new technologies are being used and career paths in the field.

EID will travel to some of Boston’s leading technology and innovation companies. Past visits have included the animatronics laboratory at Hasbro and the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s Wind Turbine Testing facilities.

Learning Outcomes

Problem Formulation and Analysis of current and complex engineering challenges

Students will be trained in creative and innovative problem solving skills then applying them to engineering challenges based on real world ecological disasters. Client-focused techniques will be utilized to identify appropriate product specifications to assist in design and refining the problem to be solved.

Creativity and Innovation

With a backdrop of engineering grand challenges like clean water, solar energy/solar panel manufacturing, and other emerging technologies, students will face contemporary problems through building real functioning prototypes. This camp will foster their creative abilities as well as encourage new ones to develop them into the innovative problem solvers of tomorrow.

Competency with graphic design and prototyping tools

As rapid prototyping takes becomes commonplace in industry, the student must learn various prototype creation methods to stay competitive. They will learn to use graphic design programs to help them interact with 3D printers, Arduino hardware, laser cutters, band saws, CNC milling, and other machining tools as needed to create prototypes.

Programming skills

Participants will learn the basics in programming logic in order to program in C++ to create Arduino hardware-based robots. They will learn how to create, modify, and understand computer code to create simple computer programs and direct autonomous robots cars.

Hands-on projects completed

Hands on projects will be a major part of this program - allowing students to explore ALL engineering majors through tangible experiences. Be prepared to learn new ways of looking at the world through bridge building, self-folding origami, autonomous robots, and industrial optimization of Lego assembly lines.

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Program Tuition

The program tuition is $5,895.

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