Designing the experience of tomorrow

Students admitted to the Design Discovery program will experience a range of rigorous, college-level assignments with like-minded students and experienced college faculty.

Through a series of six short, intensive projects, students will better understand design and discover how one learns to become a designer. The results of these projects will become portfolio pieces which demonstrate the student’s ideas, skills, and craft, as well as confidence in the design process and in critical thinking.

Students will be asked to explore design issues of composition and form, positive & negative space, color, shape, pattern and rhythm, as well as, using an archive, creating systems, and understanding the difference in properties of material. This will be explored in 2 dimension and 3 dimension by utilizing drawing, painting, animation, photography, the computer, and creating objects in a makers space.

Students can expect off campus visits to sites such as the Museum of Fine Arts, and each day will culminate with a different guest speaker.

Note, this program was previously known as Experience Design.

Learning Outcomes

Students admitted into the program will experience the following within the field of design…


Learn how to balance meaning, form and function


Have a better understanding of going from an idea to a concrete form


Strengthen their ability to evaluate the object in order to communicate to an audience


Gain an understanding of compositional principles in two and three-dimensional form


Build a critical vocabulary about design and art


Learn processes and techniques that designers encounter

Program Prerequisite

A portfolio is required for this program, and may be uploaded with the application. Students are encouraged to show their best work, in any medium they choose.

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Program Tuition

The program tuition is $5,895.

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