Bioengineering Immersion

  • Over the course of two weeks, students will learn the basics of bioengineering and engineering design principles from our world-renowned research faculty while working on cutting-edge projects, such as 3D printing artificial implants.
  • This program will include site visits to companies and hospitals to see first-hand how new technologies are being used and to learn about the many career paths in the field.

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Design Discovery

  • Through a series of six short, intensive projects, students will better understand design and discover how one learns to become a designer.
  • The results of these projects will become portfolio pieces which demonstrate the student’s ideas, skills, and craft, as well as confidence in the design process and in critical thinking.

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Engineering Innovation & Design

  • Over the course of two weeks, students will learn the basics of engineering design principles in the context of several themes:
    • Robotics in Service to Society
    • Sustainability in a Changing World
    • Product Design
  • They will research and complete hands-on build projects under these themes using our newly redesigned college Makerspace

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Experiential Entrepreneurship

  • In this program, students learn to be an entrepreneur by being an entrepreneur.
  • They will form teams and build a startup from an idea to a pitch in front of a panel of entrepreneurs.
  • Along the way, they will have access to industry professionals who will provide guidance in topics, such as finding and growing an audience, business planning, product development, negotiation, pitch presentations, and more.
  • Students will also visit start-up businesses and have other field trips to bring what they are learning to life.
  • This opportunity to go from an idea to a pitch for high school students is a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Experiential Entrepreneurship: WE2

  • Experiential Entrepreneurship: WE2 is a summer program for female and female identifying students interested in pursuing their passions through the lens of entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Students will learn “soft skills” like how to communicate with confidence and negotiation and some “hard skills” like basics of coding, reading financial statements, pricing strategy and market segmentation.

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Exploring Modern Physics

  • Cosmic rays are an entrance point for a great many important, but simple, concepts in modern physics. Students will be exposed to theoretical material that is rarely a part of AP Physics courses in high schools, but which will interconnects well with such programs.
  • Students will fabricate a cosmic ray detector that will allow them to evaluate their increase radiation exposure in every day situations, and will leave well-equipped to articulate their interests in the language that will be most advantageous to chances at admission to top universities.

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Humanity in a Digital World

  • For students who are interested in the social sciences and humanities, this program will study the relationships among technology and knowledge, society and ethics.
  • Over the course of the two weeks, students will develop a deeper understanding of the complex interplay between the technological, artistic, informational, and social aspects of their world.

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Innovations in Health Professions

  • Through this two-week long interactive experiential program, students will explore health professional careers and meet health professionals.
  • Students will also participate in medical simulations, learn clinical skills and participate in a health-hackathon!

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Law and (In)Justice

  • In this course, students will analyze how law reflects and perpetuates values, norms, and beliefs, most often the values and beliefs of those in privileged positions of power.
  • Students will meet with judges, practitioners, and advocates to gain a deeper understanding of the various stakeholders involved in the service of law and a wide perspective on law as a means of ensuring justice.

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Sustainable Chemistry & Renewable Energy

  • Throughout this intensive, hands-on, two-week program, students will learn about how the core principles of chemistry are driving some of the most innovative approaches to renewable energy.
  • The program will focus on:
    • Alternative approaches to make common products without pollution
    • Essential contributors to climate change and its impact
    • Resilience and sustainability with replacement of plastics
    • Electrochemistry leading to better batteries and fuel cells

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Application Process

Our application process is as unique as the Accelerate: Pre-College Program itself. We believe that grades and test scores, while important, only tell a part of the student’s story. We want to get to know each student beyond their application and resumé. Students are encouraged to use this as an opportunity to showcase their creativity, skills, and interests. We are looking for candidates with a true passion for learning, asking and solving tough questions, and working outside of their comfort zones. Interest is high and seats are limited – we anticipate this program will be highly selective.

Future Programs

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