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Are you driven, hard-working, curious? Do you crave new experiences and love to challenge yourself? Are you looking to set yourself apart academically?

These pre-college programs are designed for talented high school students who want to give themselves an edge. We offer a choice of innovative programs led by Northeastern’s internationally acclaimed faculty. Accelerate programs are hosted on our Boston campus, allowing you to experience true collegiate learning in a world-class environment. Try something new, or challenge yourself to rise to a new level in an existing area of interest.


The BioE program at Northeastern was beyond amazing. To have students as in love with learning as I was all in one place, working together, having fun, and exploring the city made for an incomparable two weeks. The lectures were engaging, the professors were exciting, and we were learning simply for the sake of learning. Every morning, I’d walk down Huntington, past Northeastern’s Green line stop, and across the road to Marino for breakfast at Au Bon Pain. Other students would sometimes get up even earlier than me and jog around campus on those beautiful summer days. A typical academic day consisted of a morning lecture by one of our professors then different lab blocks before and after lunch. The labs were the absolute coolest part of the whole experience, and learning how to virtually create a prosthetic, hook up an EKG, and culture cells were only the tip of the iceberg. After we’d finished our work for the day, we had ample free time before and after dinner. Often, we would all hang out together in the common room, either watching episodes of Rick and Morty, playing games, or just getting to know each other. The weekend trips were also really great, and I loved going to Faneuil Hall and walking to the food trucks. Every time I think about my two weeks at Northeastern, I wish I could rewind back time and relive my experience a thousand times over. Two weeks was the perfect amount of time – not too short but long enough for me to get attached to Northeastern. It’s no wonder I’m going there for college.”

Christina Wheeler
BioE Summer Immersion program, Summer ’17

Since I was young, I’ve always dreamed of starting a company. While my interests have changed and developed over the years, this goal has remained on my horizon. Because of this, I’ve taken entrepreneurship classes at school, but none have really taught me about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. When I heard about the E2 program at Northeastern, I was immediately captivated as it seemed much more practical than anything else I’d experienced before.

From the very first class to the final pitches, we were constantly developing our entrepreneurial skill sets. Class time was spent researching case studies on startups large and small, forming teams and ideating, and eventually narrowing down on beachhead market strategies. Unlike many other entrepreneurship classes and programs, we actually started our own companies with the help of Northeastern faculty, Level EDU, and seasoned entrepreneurs in the Boston area. We also took numerous trips around the city to visit modern startup companies. One trip, to Freight Farms, a company aiming to revolutionize the urban agriculture scene was particularly interesting. After talking with the co-founder and CEO, Brad McNamara, we learned about market strategies to disrupt an entire industry. Hearing their story, from a spark of an idea to success, was extremely transformative for us. We finally understood that the entrepreneurial mindset wasn’t one thing, but rather a bank of experiences and strategies to draw on in all processes of starting a business–whether it’s presenting a product to investors or pivoting a central idea in order to appeal to a broader market.

As I begin my college career at Northeastern, and life as a young adult, I will forever be able to utilize skills developed during the Experiential Entrepreneurship program.

Jack Duval
Experiential Entrepreneurship, Summer ’17

Summer 2018

Northeastern’s experiential pre-college programs

Northeastern’s world-renowned faculty have designed a number of dynamic programs, each focusing on a cutting-edge field. Read below to find out more about these programs.

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How will High School Students grow through this unique experience?

High school students will have a resume-building opportunity that will give them an edge in the college admissions process by:

  • Providing unique and varied collegiate-style learning experiences
  • Developing skillsets that will help students succeed in college
  • Experiencing life on a college campus

What can parents expect for their student through Accelerate?

Parents will be confident in the immersive experience their student will have while developing crucial skills and gaining a leg-up on their college competition by:

  • Small cohort sizes and personalized attention from coaches and professors
  • Seeing your student transform and develop the skillsets crucial to succeeding in college—and their chosen program of interest