Reporting Gender-Based Discrimination by Responsible Employees

A “Responsible Employee” at Northeastern University is any University employee, including faculty, staff and student employees within Residence Life. Responsible Employees are required to report allegations of sex and gender-based discrimination, including sexual misconduct, to the Title IX Coordinator.


The following employees are “Confidential Employees” and, by law, are not required to report allegations of gender-based discrimination, including Prohibited Conduct.

  • University employees with a professional license requiring confidentiality who are working within that license. Most notably, this includes employees within University Health and Counseling Services;
  • Clergy members


Responsible Employees will safeguard an individual’s privacy and respect the sensitive nature of the information provided, but are required to report allegations of gender-based discrimination, including Prohibited Conduct, to the Title IX Coordinator and/or NUPD within 24 hours of being notified. Reportable information includes, but is not limited to:

  • the names of the affected party/survivor(s), the accused party(s), witnesses;
  • any other relevant information, including the date, time and specific location of the alleged incident.

Such reporting ensures timely support for all parties and enables an effective and consistent University response.

Remedial and Protective Measures

Upon receipt of this report, the Title IX Coordinator will offer appropriate and available remedial and protective measures to the affected party/survivor, and take appropriate actions to resolve the reported incident as promptly and equitably as possible.


Information reported to the Title IX Coordinator will be shared only with individuals who “need to know” in order to assist in the assessment, investigation, and resolution of the reported incident.