Professional Training

Grand River Solutions – Title IX Hearing Training (11/7/2021)

Equal Opportunity Investigator Training Refresher 2020-21

Title IX Hearing Board/Administrator Hearing Training 2021

ATIXA Training Materials

Holland & Knight – “Understanding the New Title IX Regulations” (5/8/20)

Training for Northeastern Community Members

In addition to investigating and responding to complaints, the staff within the Office for University Equity and Compliance provides trainings for Northeastern students, faculty, and staff seeking a better understanding of discrimination, how it impacts the University, and the policies and procedures the prohibit discrimination.

The University offers online and in-person training to Mandatory University Responsible Employees to ensure they understand the types of conduct that constitutes discrimination, their reporting obligations under university policy, how and what to report and the expectation of privacy.

Training is also available for students and student groups that discusses how to report all allegations of discrimination, student’s rights under the university’s policies that prohibit discrimination, options for support and how to access confidential resources both on an off-campus. The Office of Prevention and Education at Northeastern also provides prevention and education services on the topics of alcohol and other drugs, sexual violence, and sexual health, including the “Up2Us: Bystander Intervention” program.

To request training by a representative from the Office of University Equity and Compliance, please email us