What allegations of discrimination does the Office for University Equity and Compliance (OUEC) investigate?
What happens after the OUEC is made aware of an allegation of discrimination?
What is Title IX?
Who is responsible for enforcing Title IX at Northeastern?
Which Northeastern policy covers allegations of harassment based on gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression?
Who is protected under Northeastern's policies that prohibit discrimination?
What should I do if I, or a friend, have been sexually assaulted?
What supportive measures are available to a student when they report a Title IX or Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment related incident?
How does Northeastern define consent?
Will my complaint remain confidential?
What is a “Title IX Reporter?”

Are there confidential resources at Northeastern?
Is there a time limit for making a report?
What should I do if I witness a Prohibited Offense?
What happens if a report is filed against me for an allegation of discrimination?
What if I do not want to participate in a cross-examination in a Title IX Live Hearing?
How is a Title IX investigation different from a criminal investigation?
What if I want to remain anonymous?
My friend or family member has been subject to a Prohibited Offense, what should I do?
Will the use of alcohol or drugs affect the outcome of a Title IX complaint?
What standard of proof is used in Northeastern's adjudication processes for discrimination?
What Is a University No Contact Order?