Completing an Online Title IX Incident Report

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Interim Measures
Upon receipt of a report, the Title IX Coordinator, NUPD, and other designated individuals will work with all parties involved in an incident of reported sex or gender-based discrimination. We will work to provide any appropriate interim measures or remedies to address their safety, health and well being.  Should you be the affected party or the accused party, you will be provided a notification that outlines your rights and available resources as well as the University’s obligations under Title IX.

Completing an Online Bias Incident Report

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Any member of the Northeastern community who believes that they have been discriminated is strongly encouraged to report the incident promptly through the Bias Report form which exists to assist the complainant in formulating a concise statement of their allegations and is sent directly to the Office for University Equity and Compliance.

Please provide as much information as possible – if you are unsure about something, please leave it blank.

Please contact the Office for University Equity and Compliance by email to set up a meeting to discuss your rights, options and resources surrounding university policies prohibiting discrimination.

Conversations with members of the Office for University Equity and Compliance are kept private, and information about reported incidents will only be shared only with individuals who “need to know” in order to assist in the assessment, investigation, and resolution of the allegation. In all cases, the wishes of the person initiating the conversation are given full consideration.