Enrolled N.U.in students have a 3-part Orientation experience.

1. Pre-departure Orientation (Summer 2023)

Optional program hosted by the N.U.in Program

N.U.in Pre-departure Orientation is designed to introduce you to N.U.in policies and procedures, increase your familiarity with N.U.in locations, and meet your classmates and N.U.in staff. Information will include culture acclimation, safety and security while studying abroad, N.U.in policies, and academic advising. An online curriculum will also be provided.

Contact: nuin@northeastern.edu

2. N.U.in On-site/Abroad Orientation (Fall 2023)

Mandatory program hosted by the N.U.in Program

Once you have arrived at your host location, N.U.in On-site/Abroad Orientation will acclimate you to your destination university/college and city.

Contact: nuin@northeastern.edu

3. Husky 101 Orientation (Spring 2024)

Mandatory program hosted by the Office of Student Orientation and Family Programs

In January 2024, N.U.in students will participate in Husky 101 Orientation, hosted by the Office of Student Orientation and Family Programs. Husky 101 coincides with spring move-in and is mandatory for students, and highly encouraged for families. This final component of your Orientation experience will acclimate you to Boston campus resources and services, as well as student involvement and engagement opportunities. You’ll enjoy reuniting with your N.U.in classmates and begin exploring campus and your new home, Boston!

Contact: orientation@northeastern.edu