Congratulations on your acceptance into Northeastern University! Below are commonly asked questions about Husky 101 Orientation during the acceptance and enrollment cycle.

Orientation gives you a taste of your new life as a Husky. This mandatory program introduces you and your family to the university and will provide you with the resources and tools to help you successfully transition into the Northeastern student community, as well as into your new city, Boston. students have three orientations throughout their participation in the program: 1) Pre-Departure Orientation and 2) On-Site Orientation, both hosted by The Program and 3) Husky 101 Student Orientation hosted by the Office of Student Orientation. Each Orientation provides timely transition information and resources specific to each stage of your participation in the program.

Spring ’21 Orientation Dates students attend the First-Year Student Orientation.

  • Wednesday, January 6: Move-in for those who are assigned on-campus housing
  • Wednesday, January 6: Transfer Student Orientation; Mandatory
  • Thursday, January 7: Family Orientation; Optional
  • Thursday, January 7 – Friday, January 8: First-Year Student Orientation; Mandatory

Frequently Asked Questions

This information is to provide you with an understanding of the Husky 101 Spring Orientation process, and to assist you with preliminary planning.