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Orientation Blogs

Student Orientation Mobile App is a must have

 July 24, 2017 The Student Orientation and Parent/Family Programs App: ●Provides a map for you to explore the Northeastern campus and arrive at Orientation destinations without getting lost. ●Aids in navigating the Orientation Schedule to ensure that you reach sessions on time without missing out on important information or making new friends. ●Helps you connect with  Continue Reading »

Finding balance with healthy habits

July 1, 2016 Hey huskies! It’s OL Tyler, here to give a few tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle during your first year at ‪#‎Northeastern‬. Whether you stop by the Marino gym, do some laps on the suspended track like me, grab some healthy food from the dining hall, or decide to explore  Continue Reading »

Adjusting to campus life

June 24, 2016 Hey huskies! Ready for another ‪#‎Husky101‬ Tip? Here’s OLs Jack and Alyssa to tell you a little bit about all the support you’ll have at ‪#‎yourNUhome‬. ~~~ OL Jack here! It’s true that going to college and leaving home can be a little nerve-wracking. What’s important to remember is that every incoming  Continue Reading »

Beautiful Boston

June 17, 2016 Hello again, Huskies! It’s Julie. I am here to tell you that at Northeastern, not only are you a part of our husky family, you’re also a member of the larger Boston community. Congratulations on being a Bostonian! This city has so much to offer and we know you’ll have exciting and  Continue Reading »

Get excited for your “NU” home

June 10, 2016 Welcome to Northeastern, future Huskies! And to those who haven’t visited, welcome to Boston: the legendary home of the Suite Life’s Tipton Hotel. Although the Sprouse twins won’t be attending your Orientation, there are still so many things to get excited about while preparing for your time at NU! Your Orientation Leaders  Continue Reading »

Reflections on an OL Summer

We asked OL 2014 alum Samantha Cullum to reflect on her experience as an Orientation Leader. Here’s what she had to say: When I volunteered to write this blog post, I was sure it was going to be easy. I mean, I was an orientation leader all this summer, so there is plenty of stuff  Continue Reading »

My OL Experience

Orientation Leader selection is upon us! We are looking for fresh faces to help welcome incoming students and their families to the Northeastern community. It’s a big job and a fun job…but it’s also difficult to describe.  Because if you ask anyone who has been an Orientation Leader, they’ll likely tell you it was a  Continue Reading »

The Long Journey Back

If you’re an student, you’re probably feeling a lot of things right now.  You might be starting to realize you’re going to miss the country you’ve spent the last few months in. You might be anxious to see friends and family so you can tell them about your experience.  And you also might be  Continue Reading »

Missing Home

Whether you grew up in the suburbs of Boston or Shanghai, coming to Northeastern is a big deal. It signals the start of your life as an adult. And while that is likely something you have been craving for some time, there are challenges that come with the independence. One of the biggest that students  Continue Reading »

Beyond Welcome Week

Now that you are a few weeks into the beginning of your college life, you may feel a little more comfortable in your new community. Or maybe not.  Or—and this is most likely—somewhere in between. Even if you have found those handful of reliable people to venture into the dining hall with, you might still  Continue Reading »