Husky 101 Student and Family Orientation is a hybrid experience with two mandatory components: the online curriculum and the Boston campus experience. Listen to this brief presentation on what you can expect during this summer’s Husky 101 Student and Family Orientation and fall transition.

Communication Timeline

Starting in late-April, look forward to email announcements showing HUSKY HAPPENINGS in the subject line. 

HUSKY HAPPENINGS is our bi-monthly email communication for newly enrolled students and families. Stay current on Husky 101 Orientation and informed on critical information and next steps, all of which will be helpful to the student and family transition.

Husky 101 Guide

The Husky 101 Guide details EVERYTHING you need to know and accomplish before starting your first day of classes, such as uploading your Husky ID photo and submitting your University Health Report and Immunization Requirements. Stay on track by completing the checklist on page 8. Completing the required tasks will make for a smooth transition in the fall!

Student Handbook

The 2022-2023 Undergraduate Student Handbook is a guide and roadmap for the expectations Northeastern has for our community and its members both on- and off-campus.

Online Curriculum

The Husky 101 Student and Family Orientation online curriculum is mandatory for students and highly encouraged for families. Learn about the critical resources that will support your transition into the Northeastern community including academics, residential life, campus safety, health and wellness, student involvement, and much more.

Access instructions will be provided via Husky Happenings in early June. Students and families will have several weeks to complete, with continued access throughout your first year.

Boston Campus Experience

Husky 101 Student and Family Orientation on the Boston campus is a 2-day, mandatory program for first-year students. Families are highly encouraged to attend. Immerse yourself in the Northeastern experience! Hear from university leadership, meet new huskies, explore campus and Boston, attend student involvement and resource fairs, and more.

Late-August Session for Abroad Families

Students and families who reside abroad have the option to attend the Husky 101 Boston campus experience in late-August.

  • Prior to the start of Orientation, students will move into their fall on-campus housing assignment.
  • On-campus accommodations are not available for families, please review nearby hotel accommodations.
  • The Office of Global Services will host a specialized presentation that will be incorporated into the Orientation program. Separate registration is not required. 


Review our Husky 101 Orientation Frequently Asked Questions for fall 2022 newly enrolled students and families.