We make learning experiential!

We are delighted to announce the launch of Inspire & Influence, a website showcasing the experiential learning projects of our communication, digital media, and human resources management students.

For students in our graduate and bachelor’s completion programs, We Make Learning Experiential is much more than a slogan. Whether they are serving as virtual consultants in a capstone course, working on short-term, co-curricular projects, or conducting research on cultural awareness, students apply their skills and knowledge to real-world challenges.

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Navigating the new normal — a conversation with Tracy Burns, CEO of the Northeast HR Association

The Northeast HR Association has over 2400 members on the East coast. In a recent conversation with our academic community of HR students, faculty, and alumni, Tracy Burns, the organization’s CEO, shared observations about the HR profession and the emerging trends we have to pay attention to.

Tracy has served as the organization’s Chief Executive Officer since November of 2010 and, prior to that, she spent nearly 20 years working in corporate HR, holding leadership positions across various industries, including financial services, higher education, healthcare, and publishing.

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Work that matters: An approach to change in the public sector

It has been said that the slowest systems to change are often organizations in the public sector.  However, it was interesting to hear how Accenture drives change in the public sector and the perspectives from Kristin McElderry, Accenture Management Consulting Executive based in Boston who works with Public Sector and Higher Education clients.  In this Thought Leader Series talk, entitled Managing Change in Public Sector Transformation, McElderry touches upon why change management is critical, how the public sector is unique, and highlights a framework to leverage the next generation of communication methods.

As McElderry voiced, “public sector work isn’t always the sexiest work,” … “but it is work that really matters.

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