National Patient Safety Foundation Annual Congress

14:08 30 March in News

npsfInnovations in Oral Health will present a poster at the National Patient Safety Foundation 18th Annual Congress, May 23-25, 2016. The NPSF Annual Congress is the only conference dedicated solely to patient safety, and hosts a variety of seminars, workshops, demonstrations, networking sessions, and keynote presentations. It offers a unique opportunity for clinicians, leaders, and experts to come together from around the world to share their passion for patient safety and their knowledge of best practices. The Congress is noted for its Learning & Simulation Center, where attendees participate in interactive simulations of health care scenarios, to better understand situations, reactions, and interactions that impact patient care delivery, and to return home armed with tools and information they can use in order to make a direct impact.  Representing IOH, Ms. Samantha Dube and Ms. Shanyu Kates, undergraduate health science students from the Department of Psychology, Northeastern University,  will present  “An Experiential Learning Model to Increase Students’ Cultural Competence for Effective Patient-Provider Communication.” For more information, visit the official NPSF Annual Congress website:

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